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Warcraft 3 – Reign of Chaos was born 2002 and The Frozen Throne in 2003. On this page you can download all Warcraft 3 Battle.net Patches from all time! All Patches with infos, release date and download link.

Over the years more than 14 update patches have been released to upgrade the game. Every Warcraft 3 player loves new changes and server resets. Everytime the Battle.net servers get a reset, all people panice and want to climb the ladder and the levels as fast as they can! 😀 When will be the next Warcraft 3 ladder reset? Will there come another Patch? Will there be Warcraft 4? Will there be another Blizzard RTS game of the Warcraft universe? The next years will be exciting! 😉

If you have any questions or missing a Warcraft 3 Patch, pls contact me! I will try to always keep the Warcraft 3 Patches archive up2date and complete! bizeps

Warcraft 3 Patches Download and Patchnotes

  • Blizzard is still working on new patches for Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne.
  • You need different versions to play on the platforms Battle.net, W3Arena, RGC (Ranked Gaming Client) and so on. Always check which patch version you need.
  • In our Warcraft 3 Patches archive you can find all Patches that have ever been published for the BNet.

Have fun playing! crown bling