Warcraft Assistant Download (Warcraft 3 Version Switcher 2020)

Hi guys, on this page you can find the brand new Warcraft Assistant, which allows to switch the Warcraft 3 patch version super easy. Find the download, installation instructions & even more features below! 🙂

What is the Warcraft Assistant?

The Warcraft Assistant helps you to manage Warcraft 3 and gives you advanced settings to benefit from: While the old Warcraft 3 version switcher has been super useful for many years, it is kinda hard to get it running nowadays!Warcraft 3 Assistant Screenshot
The new Warcraft Assistant is build up new and works fluently! The most common reasons to switch the Warcraft 3 patch versions are to play specific maps like Dota that only run on that version, or to get all LAN members on to the same version which is required to play together. 😉 If you plan to switch your Warcraft 3 version find the download link below!

Warcraft Assistant Download:

Here you can download the Warcraft Assistant for WC3.
Its safe to use, if there are any limitations by chrome or firefox, ignore these to download the Warcraft Manager to your computer.

These Patches are supported:

For newer Warcraft 3 patches you will need to launch the main Installer unfortunately, but up to 1.26a the Warcraft Assistant works perfect!

The tool has been produced by the developer Mahdi! You can contact him via crk.request@gmail.com if you have any questions or make a comment below! 😉

How can I change the Warcraft 3 Patch Version
with the Warcraft Manager?

  • Download and Install the Warcraft Manager above.
  • Run it and it will automatically ask you for the folder where Warcraft 3 is installed.
  • Now download your desired Warcraft 3 Patch version in our archive or for 100% compatibility follow the download links that are listed inside the Downloads.txt of the tool.
  • Place the downloaded patch in to the “PatchVersion” folder and select the patch in the Warcraft Manager! 🙂 New Warcraft 3 Version Switcher
  • That’s it!

Features of the Warcraft Assistant:

1. Version Switcher for Warcraft 3:

The Version Switcher option for the Warcraft 3 patches works quick & easy. Read the guide above how to switch your WC3 version.

2. WC3 Theme Manager:

Adjust the look & feel of your Warcraft 3 menu, buttons & style. Really cool! 😉 Warcraft 3 Theme Changer

3. Graphics & Menu Settings:

Graphic setup and game menu settings without opening WC3.WC3 Graphic Settings

4. Screenshot Tool:

Screenshot Helper, with Shortkey & Folder.
Warcraft 3 Screenshot Tool

Feedback & Shoutout

As long as Reforged isn’t out, Warcraft 3 is quite limited in it’s functions and we are dependent on external tools. It’s just awesome that single developers create these tools that help the Warcraft 3 community.

You can support the developer by giving him feedback in the comment section below, via mail and you can donate via BTC if you hit the “about” tab in the Warcraft Manager!

I hope it’s working out for you guys, if you have any feedback or questions let us now! Have fun playing!!! 🙂

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1 year ago

Link is dead

Night Hunter
Night Hunter
1 year ago

the link is not working anymore

Kenny Lee
Kenny Lee
4 years ago

How can I play dota 1 on my mac with latest ai enemies? I just updated the new Patch 1.31 from 1.30 now i cant play my dota ai map and i cant find map folder!!HELP PLEASE!

Kenny Lee
Kenny Lee
4 years ago

How can I play dota 1 on my mac with latest ai enemies?

4 years ago

How can I play dota 1 on my mac with latest ai enemies?