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  • Warcraft 3 Ladder Guides: How to get better, how to play tournaments, serious & fun tactics.
  • Dota 1 Guides: Dota Wiki and pro tips to get better (mindgames, blocking, pulling and more).

Like this you get a nice bundled overview of how to play Warcraft 3 today perfectly! Check what you need and improve your gameplay! 😀

WC3 and Dota 1 Guides & Tips:

In Dota 1 and Warcraft 3 the win percentage is made up of different factors:

The three main attributes that will determine your success are:

  • Micro management: Get the most of every situation by just beeing skilled & fast!
  • Macro management: By having a fluent overall control over buildings, shops and units you gain confidence and calmness, which will lead automatically to a better micro and skillfull, curagoeus moves. A good macro just needs some effort and train and it can compensate lacking skills a lot.
  • Timings & game knowledge: If you know the cooldowns and casting times of spells, the building and shop timings you can step your game up to the next level!

On this page you can find Warcraft 3 guides to improve your ladder and tournament statistics and Dota 1 guides to improve your gameplay!

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