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Warcraft 3 MapsWelcome to the big Warcraft 3 Download Map Pool for Funmaps and competitive Warcraft 3 ladder maps as well! All Downloads are quick & for free! 😉 We try to only offer you the best Warcraft 3 maps!
All maps are rated by our admin team, to communicate if it is a quality game or not!

How can I download and play WC3 maps?

Warcraft 3 Dota MapsJust download the WC3 map that you want to play and put it into the map folder, if you host a game now you can find the map in the menu. Warcraft 3 Dota Maps: The biggest map category of all Warcraft 3 maps with an incredible fanbase is by far the Dota map. The creators with the well known main developer Icefrog made it happen, that Dota is like a standalone game inside another game. Dota and Warcraft 3 always seemed to be different things, because Dota is so big. Warcraft 3 Dota has many different types like Allstar maps, Ai (Bot-Versions), RGC maps, LoD maps and more. Find all Dota Maps here.

Warcraft 3 Anime MapsWarcraft 3 Anime Maps: Because Warcraft 3 has so many anime and manga fans, a lot of very cool amime Warcraft 3 maps have been created. The special thing with the anime maps is, that the map developers often, render and design the full 3D character models of the anime heroes. This makes the maps bigger to download, but they look really awesome!

WC3 Tower Defense MapsWarcraft 3 Tower Defense Maps: The good old lovely Tower Defense maps experienced a real hype in Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne. Since Warcraft everyone loves Tower Defense maps (TD’s) and there are even mobile games and Dota 2 Tower Defense games out there. But you know what? The Warcraft 3 maps are untouched and unreachable in terms of gaming fun, charme and authenticity! Warcraft 3 has still the best Tower Defense maps of the world! crown

Warcraft 3 Escape and Fun Maps: Warcraft 3 maps always have been about fun and creativity! The world editor allowed so many things, that the developer scene sacrificed hours and hours to complete well playable Warcraft 3 Funmaps. The minigame funmaps and escape maps like Kodo Tag, Vampirism, Footmen Frenzy or Run Kitty Run are famous and loved by every WC3 player. x33

Warcraft 3 RPG MapsWarcraft 3 Escape and Fun Maps: There are many Warcraft 3 RPG maps, that allow solo or multiplayer Role Play Game (RPG) playstyles. These type of games often have a high playtime requirement. Sometimes you play for example 5 hours! Because of that many WC3 RPG maps have a save and load function like real RPG games!

Warcraft 3 Custom Campagin MapsWarcraft 3 Custom Campaign Maps: Like the RPGs the Warcraft 3 custom campaign maps go one step further. They are complete campaigns with a set of multiple maps and videos between them. It is a written story line, which you play along to accomplish quests and to find out what the story is about! This is just awesome and impressive to play! 😉

Warcraft 3 Default MapsWarcraft 3 Default Maps: The standart Warcraft 3 games are on default maps. The official maps are playable in the Warcraft 3 ladder and there are even more in the standart game folder. Many people also created new ones for map contests (the most official maps have their origin in map contests) or just for fun. The non-official default Warcraft 3 maps are not as balanced as the real ones, but they allow extra and extreme games. Also maps like 6vs6, 8vs8 or FFA with 16 or 24 players are possible! crown

Warcraft 3 New Competitive Map Pool

In 2018 Blizzard released the patch 1.29 and with it, the brand new map pool for Warcraft 3!

The Warcraft 3 map pool provides the ladder maps you can choose from:
In the 1on1, 2on2, 3on3, 4on4 and FFA ladder map pool you can always veto some maps, which will not added to your searching queue. The new map pool 2018 of patch 1.29 combines the most popular maps from all time plus in the 1on1 map pool the most stable tournament maps of official Warcraft 3 e-sport tournaments.

The cool thing is that all Random Team maps as well as the FFA maps got a great new mix. The actual maps are really varied and provide the most fun ever, it is of course the best map pool we ever had in the Warcraft 3 lifetime! x33

Let’s see if it will favor one of the races, or if everything is balanced fine. 😀 Map Pool 1.29

Warcraft 3 1on1 Map Pool:

You have 5 vetos for the Warcraft 3 1on1 Map Pool that you can disable for searching.

Warcraft 3 Map Terenas Stand2Terenas Stand LV
Warcraft 3 Map Plunder Isle2Plunder Isle LV
Warcraft 3 Map The Two Rivers2The Two Rivers LV
Warcraft 3 Map Road to Stratholme2Road to Stratholme LV
Warcraft 3 Map Echo Isles2Echo Isles
Warcraft 3 Map Tirisfal Glades LV2Tirisfal Glades LV
Warcraft 3 Map Amazonia2Amazonia
Warcraft 3 Map Last Refuge2Last Refuge 1.3
Warcraft 3 Map Foodplains4Foodplains LV
Twisted Meadows4Twisted Meadows
Warcraft 3 Map Turtle Rock4Turtle Rock

Warcraft 3 2on2 RT Map Pool:

For the Warcraft 3 2on2 Random Team (RT) Map Pool you have 2 vetos:

  • (4)PhantomGrove_LV
  • (4)Avalanche_LV
  • (4)TurtleRock
  • (4)Duskwood_LV
  • (4)BridgeTooNear_LV
  • (4)FrozenClover_LV
  • (4)TidewaterGlades_LV
  • (4)LostTemple
  • (4)TwistedMeadows
  • (6)Duststorm_LV
  • (6)GnollWood

Warcraft 3 3on3 RT Map Pool:

The Warcraft 3 Random Team 3on3 RT Map Pool in Patch 1.29 contains the best maps brought together. 1 veto is allowed in ladder matchmaking.

  • (6)ThunderLake_LV
  • (6)GnollWood
  • (6)Monsoon_LV
  • (6)DarkForest
  • (6)UpperKingdom
  • (6)RuinsOfStratholme
  • (8)Mur’gulOasis_LV
  • (6)RollingHills
  • (6)TimbermawHold
  • (6)StranglethornVale
  • (8)Battleground_LV

Warcraft 3 4on4 RT Map Pool:

The Warcraft 4on4 RT Map Pool is just awesome. 4on4 Random Team is the most popular RT mode of the Warcraft 3 ladder. Here you can get fun, trouble, teamkillers find friends and much more! xD You have 1 map veto.

  • (8)Feralas_LV
  • (8)Northshire_LV
  • (8)Sanctuary_LV
  • (8)TwilightRuins_LV
  • (8)Battleground_LV
  • (8)Deadlock_LV
  • (8)GolemsInTheMist_LV
  • (8)Mur’gulOasis_LV
  • (8)MarketSquare
  • (8)GoldRush
  • (8)Friends
  • (8)BlastedLands

Warcraft 3 FFA Map Pool:

For the Warcraft 3 FFA ladder matchmaking Map Pool you have 2 vetos:

  • (4)Deathrose
  • (6)Duststorm_LV
  • (6)EmeraldShores
  • (6)StranglethornVale
  • (6)Monsoon_LV
  • (6)ThunderLake_LV
  • (8)Deadlock_LV
  • (8)Mur’gulOasis_LV
  • (8)TwilightRuins_LV
  • (8)Battleground_LV

For more changes you can read the Warcraft 3 Patches Changelogs.

W3Arena Map Pool
On W3Arena different maps are played compared to the
W3Arena map pool is updated more often, and able to make changes faster.
The progamer scene is playing mostly with the competitive W3Arena map pool. Also the W3Arena map pool is oriented on the professional Warcraft 3 Tournaments to always be up to date and allow a good development of the competitive Warcraft 3 genre!

Here you can Download the W3Arena Map Pool:
Full W3Arena map package with 126 maps.