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What are RGC Maps?

What are RGC Maps?

RGC stands for Ranked Gaming Client, it is a Warcraft 3 Dota gaming platform, that prohibits cheaters and leavers. RGC is a stable great platform for competitive matches on a high level. crown

RGC has a Warcraft 3 reconnection tool, Warcraft 3 hostbots and chat channels, the admin team takes care of the community and always improve things. RGC is a great addition to the Warcraft 3 Battle.net, where it is not possible to play such great Dota 1 games.

The RGC Maps are optimized to work on this specific platform to have a common source of map versions.
On this page you can always find the newest Ranked Gaming Client Maps. dia

Which Map should I download?

Which Ranked Gaming Client Maps (RGC Maps) should I download?

On RGC the three main maps that are played (and have a leaderboard) are:

  • Dota RGC Maps (Dota Allstars Maps updated synchronous to the Dota 2 changes of heroes and items).
  • Dota LoD Maps (Legends of Dota Maps, an advanced modification, where you can choose your 4 skills at the start of the game.
  • Warlock Brawl (A Warlock micro fun game).

We recommend to always download and play the latest version.
Important: Check which map is played in the RGC channel where you want to play, this can be different depending on the regions and countries.

Dota Maps:

Dota RGC Map Download:

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On this page we give you a complete overview for all RGC Maps plus all RGC tools.

  • Always find the latest and stable RGC Maps for your region.
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Have Fun playing! crown