Warcraft 3 Reforged Progamer With the Highest Income (Toplist)

On this page you can find the top 25 Warcraft 3 Reforged pro players, their e-sport earnings and their twitch streams and youtube channels.

NicknameAgeReal NameMain RaceStreamsEarnings
Warcraft 3 MoonMoon32Jang, Jae HoElfdouyu.com/501999$558.000
Warcraft 3 LynLyn32Park, JoonOrctwitch.tv/fox_lyn$464.000
InfiInfi30Wang, Xu WenHumandouyu.com/255865$362.000
TH000TH00030Huang, XiangHumandouyu.com/11017$359.000
Warcraft 3 GrubbyGrubby33Manuel SchenkhuizenOrcyoutube.com/user/FollowGrubby
SkySky34Li, XiaofengHuman$263.000
FlyFly100%32Lu, WeiliangOrcdouyu.com/255329$240.000
RemindReMinD33Kim, Sung SikElf$166.000
ToDToD34Yoan MerloHumantwitch.tv/tod$159.000
LawlietLawLiet28Jo, Ju YeonElftwitch.tv/chonana1$110.000
HappyHappy28Dmitry KostinUndeadtwitch.tv/yesitshappy
Warcraft 3 12012023Guo, Zi XiangUndeaddouyu.com/1786555$104.000
FoCuSFoCuS30Eom, Hyo SubOrctwitch.tv/hyosub3259$96.000
YumikoYumiko29Yu, JiankaiHumanhuya.com/yumiko$84.000
Warcraft 3 LuciferLucifer33Noh, Jae WookUndead$82.000
Warcraft 3 SweetSweet35Chun, Jung HeeUndead$81.000
Warcraft 3 CheckCheck33Lee, Hyung JooElf$73.000
Warcraft 3 Mioumiou33Daniel HolthuisHuman$72.000
Warcraft 3 TeDTeD31Zhuo ZengUndead$69.000
Warcraft 3 CreolophusCreolophus33Olav UndheimElf$55.000
Warcraft 3 DeadmanDeadman31Andrey SobolevElf$53.000
Warcraft 3 FoVFoV34Cho, Dae HuiUndead$53.000
Warcraft 3 MadfrogMaDFroG33Fredrik JohanssonUndeadtwitch.tv/madqfrog$50.000
InsomniaInsomnia36Zdravko GeorgievHumantwitch.tv/insomniabg$47.000
yAwSyAwS29Marc FörsterHumantwitch.tv/iamyaws$46.000

Best Warcraft 3 Reforged News, Pro Streaming and Coverage Channels:

ChannelLanguageTwitchYoutubeActive Trend-Rating
Warcraft 3 GrubbyGrubbyEnglishtwitch.tv/followgrubbyyoutube.com/user/FollowGrubby96
Book of FlamesBook of FlamesEnglishYoutube72

Top Area to Play High Ranked Warcaft 3 Reforged Games:

Is the competitive Warcraft 3 Pro Scene Dead?

The release of Warcraft Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne was in 2002/2003 and had its first peak of fame, visitors and the pro scene in 2004/2005 with incredible tournaments and price money. But even afterward when the active player count was going down, there always had been a critical mass, that kept the Warcraft 3 pro scene active!

When Back2Warcraft brought back the hype for Warcraft 3 and WC3 Reforged, everything started to grow again…

Which new Pro Players does Warcraft 3 Reforged has?

The game got a lot of love from the community: Most of the people who spend a lot of time for Warcraft 3 at any time, will most likely come back because the charm and addiction that competitive Warcraft 3 has is not comparable to any other online multiplayer esport game! Some players like ToD retired but became casters and players like Moon came back to dominate the pro scene again.

Top Warcraft 3 Progamer Comebacks:

First of all the comeback of Grubby had a huge impact on the scene, he has a lot of followers and supported the hype of the Warcraft 3 story. It’s important to say that he’s not taking part in the pro tournament scene or only sometimes, he is concentrating on his twitch streams and youtube videos, since these are a more reliable income source Grubby said.
Beside Grubby, Moon had an awesome comeback and started to dominate the Top 10 of Warcraft 3 again!

Top Warcraft 3 Progamer Newcomers:

The majority of the Warcraft 3 players is about 30 years old or older. Everyone who is younger is kind of a newcomer! 😉 It’s great to see that also younger people still join WC3 and love the game. The youngest newcomer star is of course 120, who started playing with 19 years old a few years ago and is now 23. Also Happy with his 28 years is kind of a newcomer in the pro scene, because his main success definitely happened in the last years.