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Warcraft 3 is a really big E-Sport title. The competitive Warcraft 3 scene is comparatively small, but the fans are loyal, addicted and supportive!

Watching Warcraft 3 is so much fun and especially the twitch and youtube channel back2warcraft with the casters Neo and Remo brought the charme and feeling back to us, how great it is to watch competitive Warcraft 3. x33 x33 x33
Warcraft 3 has great online and offline tournaments with good prize money for the players, which makes it more attractive.
There also many options for non-professional players to take part in big Warcraft 3 tournaments and to get the chance to play against the WC3 progamers in real 1on1 tournament matches!

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What is new in the Warcraft 3 scene? Are there Blizzard leaks? What is Icefrog doing? We will always inform you about all of the important events and infos that are a must-have as Warcraft 3 & Dota 1 player! crown

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