Dota 6.88X4 RGC Download

Welcome to the download page for Dota RGC 6.88X4.
This is a Warcraft 3 Dota version that is playeable on the Ranked Gaming Client.

Download Dota Map 6.88X4

To play the map just download the file and copy it to your WC3 folder.
Dota Map Download 6.88x4 Ranked Gaming Client

To play RGC maps, join a RGC room and always check which map version is required.
Here you can get the Dota 6.88×4 Map Download:

DotA Version:Dota 6.88X4
Release Date:10/2018
Map Size:50MB

DotA RGC 6.88X4 Changelog

6.88x4 ChangelogChangelog for Dota version 6.88X4:

  • The Dota 6.88X4 update contains hero damage fixes.
  • Courier and bulding improvements.

GL & HF, rock the servers! crown

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