Dota 6.88X3 RGC Map Download

This is the download page for Dota 6.88X3 RGC!

Download Dota 6.88X3 RGC:

The X series of the Ranked Gaming Client Maps is getting further development! Play the latest map in the RGC rooms around the world! 😉

Dota Map Download 6.88x3Play Dota 6.88X3 with the RGC client.
Download Dota Map 6.88X3 RGC here:

DotA Version:Dota 6.88X3 RGC
Filename:DotA Allstars 6.88×3.w3x
Release Date:10/2018
Map Size:31MB

DotA 6.88X3 RGC Changelog

Dota RGC 6.88x3 ChangelogDota 6.88X3 Changelog:

  • Dota 6.88X3 contains several game mode changes.
  • Balance fixes to improve the fun and progress ingame.
  • Hero & Item improvements.

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