Dota 6.90a8 RGC – Ranked Gaming Client Dota 1 Map Download

Welcome to the Dota RGC 6.90a8 download page, here you can get the map as well as the changelog of the updates.

Download Dota 6.90a8

Dota RGC 6.90a8 Map DownloadSo what’s new in Dota 6.90a8? Dracol1ch has updated the map to the newest version to add new features and fix a lot of things.

Now every hero starts with 3 teleports scrolls in his inventory and it has a cooldown when the game starts, just like in Dota 2. The cooldown ends when the first creeps spawn on the three lanes. 😉

The Dota version for the Ranked Gaming Client has been released in december 2019, to play it just download the map here: Map Download

DotA Version:Dota 6.90a8
Release Date:12/2019
Map Size:85MB

For Warcraft 3 the file size of 85MB is super large and it’s not possible to play maps that are bigger than 8mb in general. You also cant host it over LAN or BNet without a patch. You can use the game.dll 8MB limit remover here. 🙂

DotA 6.90a8 Changelog

Changelog Dota RGC 6.90a8
Here is the changelog of the newest version. 🙂

  • Fixed on-attack events malfunction
  • Huskar’s 25 Talent changed from Burning Spears Pure Damage to Divine damage (magic immune penetrating) (still unable to target spell immune)
  • Bone Fletcher’s 15th Right Talent changed from +15 Str to 15% Cooldown Reduce
  • Poison arrows now update it’s cast range on order rather than on cast (that means 1st shot is no longer use previous range)
  • Fixed abuse with Essence aura and 0-cd abilities
  • Fixed Sammy-face on Pugna’s Decrepify
  • Fixed Anti-Mage burning 2x mana per hit than intended
  • Fixed illusions with Manabreak talents not dealing damage intended by the burn
  • Fixed Ember Spirit staying still after Sleight of Fist
  • Fixed Statis Storm (agh) applying silence even on spell immune enemies
  • Fixed consumables could be shared between allies (not intended to)
  • Fixed bug with Couriers converting allied items to owned ones
  • Added “auto-attack after cast” support to Medallion of Courage, Solar Crest, Dagon, Guinsoo’s Hex
  • Returned classic charges number indicator to Templar Assassin (only displayed when there are 6 charges or less)
  • Fixed bug with inability to share a ward with an ally who has no item slots available but one of his slots is wards

DotA 6.90a8 Screenshots

This is the loading screen:
Dota Ranked Gaming Client Loading Screen

Here you can see the supercool Monkey King model of Dota 1 in 2020:
Screenshot Dota 1 in 2020 Monkey King

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1 year ago


2 years ago

Under no circumstance i cant teleport. whenever i purchase the TP it just simply wont show up in my inventory. Anyone has had the issue ssofar ?

3 years ago

best regard

mark glenn
mark glenn
3 years ago

please help us.. why we cannot play on LAN this 6.90a8 on WC3 already switched off fire wall and restarted WC3 and our pc .. also copied the map to everyonelse..

please do help us enjoy this map on the old WC3 version 1.26
3 years ago
Reply to  mark glenn

You should be able to play together even with firewall turned on.

Edit the windows settings:
– change your network type to private
(click on the internet icon on the taskbar, then properties on your network)

– “turn on network discovery” for private networks
(type “Manage advanced sharing settings” in windows search)

Perhaps update the game on both PCs to 1.27b version,
that is the latest version without all this reforged sheet.

3 years ago
Reply to  CROdator

i did you say it but it have problem same. i patched 1.27 both

3 years ago
Reply to  mark glenn

same problem. Did you solve problem? i patched 1.27b but cant start game

3 years ago
Reply to  mark glenn

sir i have a same problem before but i download the game.dll then start single game “not” in local…if you will play it with your friends to LAN then they should do the same download the game.dll then play singlegame then thats it you fix your problem….
hope it works