Warcraft 3 ACG Arena 2.10 Ai Download

Famous Warcraft 3 Anime Map called ACG Arena. Here you can get ACG v2.10 Ai (with Bots).

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Map Category:Hero Arena
Warcraft 3 Map Name:ACGv210
Map Rating:
Release Date:2019
Map Size:112MB
Warcraft 3 ACG Arena Heroes

Download ACG Arena v2.10 Ai

Download Warcraft 3 ACG Arena Ai here. Choose one of the anime heroes and play with friends or bots. This is ACG Arena Ai, which stands for Artificial Intelligence, that means the computer controls the characters and they have a custom KI.

Get the WC3 ACG Arena Map Download for free here: Download

WC3 ACG Arena Ai Download

Warcraft 3 Anime Map ACG Arena Changelog:

This map has been updated in january 2019:
Map Fixes & Updates:

  • Hero Fixes (they got stuck after using spells, listed below, for Warcraft patches lower than 1.27. (maybe higher than 1.27):
    – Goku(normal), Krillin, Kenpachi, Yang, K’Dash, Bloo, Bloozi, Kyo, Kyo-0, K-Core, Archer, Reimu -> R
    – Yato(normal), Black Yato, Krillin -> Q
    – Yang -> W
  • EX Kirito -> |D| spell now is workable.
  • Fixed issues with using EX-Okita’s G.
  • Tohno’s EX-G works only on Nanaya.
  • Fixed many visual issues. (what doesn’t work outside NetEase Battle Platform)
  • Removed useless unbalanced APM system.
  • Rounds were returned to their original state:
    5/9/13/17 -> 5/10/15/20
    2/5/8/11 -> 8/12/16/20

Warcraft 3 ACG Arena Anime Screenshots:

ACG Arena BossWarcraft 3 ACG Arena Fight ScreenshotACG Arena Ai Map Screenshot

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I can’t running a ACG, no complete a loading after that force close application
to play ACG warcraft map, which patch version should you have? Please answer


My ACG can’t be running. No complete loading after that just force close from aplication


my acg is not run, no complet load game

Wu Wei
Wu Wei



why do i love the fact that it over the top and i have no idea whats going on?


Hahahh this MAP is nice, JUMP FORCE Warcraft version 8)


it’s 2 bilion years older than jump force.Don’t put as if jumpforce was first