Rabbits vs Sheeps

The Warcraft 3 map Rabbits vs Sheeps is just awesome!
Yes it is about rabbits and sheeps, but it makes so much fun! 😀

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Map Category:Funmap
Warcraft 3 Map Name:Rabbits vs Sheeps
Map Rating:
Release Date:2012
Map Size:454.9 KB

Download Rabbits vs Sheeps for Warcraft 3

Rabbits vs Sheeps is a very tactical WC3 map which is full of action.

Download Warcraft 3 Rabbits vs Sheeps here:

Guide for Rabbits vs Sheeps:

  • Each player picks a hero and tries to kill as many creeps as possible. The two teams fight against each other, teamplay is important.
  • For every creep kill that you make, the enemy will get two new creeps. The maximum creeps are 200 on each side.
  • The team that has 150 creeps first, will lose the round!
  • To kill the creeps players have to use their skills, spells buy items and make upgrades.
  • Special creeps help to even make it harder for the enemy.
  • Rabbits vs Sheeps is played in BO5 best of five mode.

Rabbits vs Sheeps WC3 Funmap

It is very cool that players can repick their hero after each round.
What do you think? Do you like Rabbits vs Sheeps?