Battle Stadium D.O.N 2.0 Download

Welcome to the Warcraft 3 Map Download for Battle Stadium Don 2.0.
A Custom Map that with anime characters of Dragon Ball Z, One Piece and Naruto, which leads to the letters D.O.N.

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Map Category:Hero Arena
Warcraft 3 Map Name:Battle Stadium D.O.N 2.0
Map Rating:
Release Date:01/2019
Map Size:37.5 MB

What is Battle Stadium Don 2.0 for Warcraft 3?

Battle Stadium Don is a WC3 Anime Map based on Anime Jap fighting game, which was playable on the GameCube & PS2. The map is created by Valkemiere and Lordrygar. In this fight the most popular anime and manga characters fight against each other, a must have piece for every Manga Fan!

Download Battle Stadium D.O.N 2.0

The Battle Stadium DON 2.0 Download is 38mb big. (Find Big WC3 Map Issues here)

Here you can get the Warcraft Battle Stadium DON 2.0 Download:

Battle Stadium Don Warcraft 3 Patch Support:

These WC3 Patches are supported: WC3 1.27b. 1.29. 1.30. 1.30.2
Find all Warcraft 3 Patches here.

Warcraft 3 Battle Stadium Don Features:

  • Epic Custom Effect
  • This map have Ai!
  • Best DBZ town, and Konoha city place
  • Realistic Sound and Cool Effect
  • Fast to learn, and time play
  • God’s View Camera
  • Epic Custom Spells
  • Budokai Tournament
  • Animeish terrain

Battle Stadium DON New Heroes: