Warcraft 3 X Hero Siege Map Download (Reforged)

The Warcraft 3 Map X Hero Siege is one of the best hero defense maps of all time. Download the map here and defend your castle! 🙂

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Map Category:Hero Defense
Warcraft 3 Map Name:X Hero Siege
Map Rating:
Release Date:2015
Map Size:503.4 KB

What is X Hero Siege?

X Hero Siege ScreenshotX Hero Siege is a Warcraft 3 map in which you select a hero and defend your castle together with your allies against the enemy hordes.

It’s a famous map which allows hours of playing it, but it also needs a lot of train and knowledge to reach the later stages of the game. X Hero Siege can also be played in Warcraft 3 Reforged, download the latest version below.

Which is the best X Hero Siege Version?

X Hero Siege MapThere are many X Hero Siege versions out there. The best version is X Hero siege 3.33 from 2015, which is the most stable one and perfectly balanced. The hero spells, attributes, items and income perfectly fit.

If you love to play with more features you can try the newer version from 2019. New heroes and spells have been added to the pool.

Download X Hero Siege for Warcraft 3:

Here you can download the Warcraft 3 map called X Hero siege which also works for Reforged.

Version:Map Download:
X Hero Siege 3.33: Best/StableDownload
X Hero Siege 2019 (Beta):Download

Which Heroes are the best in Warcraft X Hero Siege?

The best and strongest heroes in X Hero Siege are the Marksman and the Ranger, which are ranged heroes. Ranged heroes are easier to play, but if you want to pick strong melee heroes, choose Samurai or Viking.
X Hero Siege Best Heroes

X Hero Siege Warcraft 3 Loading Screen and Minimap:

Loading Screen of the WC3 map X Hero Siege:
X Hero Siege Loading Screen
Minimap X Hero Siege:
Mini Map X Hero Siege

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just nice guy
just nice guy
1 month ago

does it work with bots?

1 year ago

It doesn’t have IA though, does it?

8 months ago
Reply to  Hail

yeah we need this ai version

7 months ago
Reply to  Hail

yes it does

7 months ago
Reply to  Hail

mine has

17 days ago
Reply to  dick

can you share it to me,