Warcraft 3 Line Tower Wars Ai Map Download

Warcraft 3 definetely has the best Tower Defense Maps ever!
Here you can get the Line Tower Wars Bot version (Ai). If you search the multiplayer LTW version click here.

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Map Category:Tower Defense
Warcraft 3 Map Name:Line Tower Wars Ai
Map Rating:
Release Date:2006
Map Size:299.8 KB

Download Warcraft 3 Line Tower Wars Ai

Welcome to the Line Tower Wars Ai Map Download for Warcraft 3!
On the LTW maps every player has its own line, which he has to protect against the creeps. The creeps try to pass your line and for every leak you lose a life. To defend and kill the creeps, towers have to be build. On the Line Tower Wars Maps the tower variation and combination is the key to win in the end.

Get the WC3 Line Tower Wars Ai Map Download:
Download Warcraft 3 Line Tower Wars Ai Map DownloadHere you can find the LTW Multiplayer Battle.net and LAN map.

Warcraft 3 LTW Ai Screenshots

Here is a Screenshot of the LTW Ai Funmap. 😉
LTW Line Tower Wars Ai Screenshot

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only yellow purple and pink seem to be working spots rest of them dont have income or AI


Yup, income is bugged


No ai !


Income doesn’t work