Dota 6.88vX RGC Download

Welcome Dota friends! This is the Dota 6.88vX RGC Download page the official Dota Map Download! Read on…

Download Dota 6.88vX RGC

Get Dota Map 6.88vX RGC here.
Some great improvements are the optimized terrain, the game mechanics and the hero balancing. But what you really see instantly are the new ward stacks and the new items in the shop!

Dota Allstars 6.88vX is already available in some RGC channels.

Get Dota now, download for free.
Here is the Dota 6.88vX RGC Map Download.

Dota 6.88vX Download

Dota 6.88vX RGC Map DownloadDracol1c released Dota version 6.88vX (10) for the Ranked Gaming Client!!!
The newest Dota 6.88 version brings all updates from the previous versions together, and all known bugs are eliminated.

This is the next step, to reach a final stable map for the current Dota RGC map and all RGC channels & countries.

The new Dota items, heroes & game improvements take Dota onto a new level! If you are new at Dota, read the Dota beginner guide.

DotA Version:Dota 6.88vX RGC
Filename:DotA Allstars 6.88vX.w3x
Release Date:01.04.2018
Map Size:20MB

What is RGC? And which Dota map is played?

RGC stands for Ranked Gaming Client and is an e-sport gaming platform where you can play high quality Dota games!
You have your own profile, friends and messaging system.

RGC offers Host Bots, a reconnection tool, nearly no leavers and a ladder! RGC is a really nice community for Dota. The admin team always takes care about the newest updates.

Which Dota maps are playable on RGC?
For a better overview of the Dota RGC Maps we created this list:

Dota RGC Archive:Dota RGC Download Page (All Maps)
01.04.2018DotA 6.88vX (10) is out & in the testing phase.
31.03.2018DotA 6.88v9 is out & in the testing phase.
29.03.2018DotA 6.88v8 has been released on RGC, and now playable on RGC.
10.03.2018DotA 6.88v5 has been released, but is only playable in some RGC Channels.
29.12.2017DotA 6.88v3 has been released, and now playable on RGC.
09.10.2017DotA 6.88v4 has been released, and now playable on RGC.
16.09.2017DotA 6.85K is back to RGC.
26.08.2017DotA 6.88T4 has been released, and now playable on RGC.
20.08.2017DotA 6.88T is playable on RGC.

DotA 6.88vX RGC Changelog

Dota 6.88vX RGC Changelog
Here is the Dota 6.88vX Changelog, many things have been edited.

Dota 6.88vX game mechanics changelog:

  • Fixed some crash bugs with Gondar and other heroes from version Dota 6.88v9 RGC.
  • Fixed Bloodthorn not dealing extra damage on the target under some conditions.
  • Tooltip fix for the item Raindrop.
  • Reverted change with Meepo Clones handling in SelectAllUnits (The main Meepo is selected first now).
  • Improved Earth Spirit’s stones visually
  • Fixed the Ziggurat models, the secondary buildings on the Scourge side.
  • Added ColorblindMode option to the config file, for now it only toggles Scan minimap ping color from green/red to blue/red.
  • Fixed false-positive detection for desyncs.
  • Dota 6.88vX supports LAN games with Warcraft 3 Patch 1.26a now.
  • Improved Dota -rd mode hero spawning visuals and increased distance between each other.
  • Improvements in the Dota 6.88vX game interface.
  • Fixed toggleable abilities with Spell Steal changing normal icon positions.
  • Fixed Non-UTF8 names to cause somee malfunctions.
  • Essence Aura is fixed now, ignoring Arcane Orb autocast (if right click was used to target the enemy). Works fine with the attack order.
  • Great thing: More game otpions have been added to the config.dota file and has been renamed to config.dota.ini!
  • Hero death animation skipping bug fixed.
  • The chat Dota command -si to swap items in the inventory now supports wards and is not lagging anymore.
  • Illusion revealing mechanics fixed.

Dota 6.88vX RGC Item Changelog:

  • Improved restricted items block game mechanics.
  • Visual Indicators near the shops/markets have been added for allies to display the availability of Obeserver Wards, Gem, Smoke and Tome of Knowledge.
  • Cleave damage now returns as physical damage by Dispersion, Spiked Carapace and Blademail.
  • Fixed Raindrop working on illusions.
  • Tome of Knowledge is no longer available at the enemies side shop.
  • Improved and changed tooltips and some icons are changed.

Dota 6.88vX Hero Changelog:

  • Fixed some hero models in the Dota -cd and -cm mode, which stayed too long for some Sentinel players.
  • Fire Remnant Jump: Now displays the manacosts, when no Remnants are placed yet.
  • Glimpse no longer goes through Omnislash.
  • Arc Warden: Double Tempest gives no more gold to the enemy when dying (after the normal duration).
  • Tusk: The Ice Shards have been improved, they prevent getting stuck inside the ice a bit better.
  • Gyrocopter: Is now visually not removed when the last attack is finished.
  • Sniper: Assassinate not benefiting of spell damage amplify.
  • Templar Assassin: The Psi Blade visual effect now affects enemies.
  • Magnus: Fixed Skewer, sometimes it causes stun-like effects.
  • Fixed Rearm or Supernova producing fatal error text message, and causing desync.
  • Fixed Natural Order providing 25/50/75/100% armor reduction instead of 40/60/80/100%.
  • Flak Cannon has been fixed, now you always have the correct amount of attacks.

Dota 6.88vX RGC Installation

Dota 6.88vX RGC Map Installation Guide

Requirements to play DotA 6.88vX RGC:

  • Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne Patch 1.27b ( or higher.
  • Warcraft 3 Patch 1.27a and lower will not work.

Dota 6.88vX RGC Installation:

  • Download Dota 6.88vX RGC to your computer.
  • Copy the file “DotA Allstars 6.88vX.w3x” to the correct path:
    For Wc3 Patch 1.26a, 1.27a, 1.27b or older: Put it into this path: “c:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III\Maps\Download\DotA Allstars 6.88vX.w3x”
    For Wc3 Patch 1.28a or newe put it into this path: “user/documents/wacraft-iii/maps/downloads” (like shown on the image).’

Customkeys for Dota 6.88vX RGC

For Dota 6.88vX you need new customkeys, because of the changes like the new items.

DotA 6.88vX Screenshots

Here is a Dota 6.88vX RGC Screenshot:
Dota 6.88vX RGC Screenshot

Here is the loading screen of the Warcraft map Dota 6.88vX RGC:
Loading Screen Dota 6.88vX RGC

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This just way ti being DOTA2 ….but thats great thing ..thnx to u alll Developers

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