The Warcraft 3 Map Wintermaul is an icy team tower defense! 🙂

Warcraft 3 Wintermaul Download

The tower defense map Wintermaul for Warcraft 3 really makes fun, I love to maze the tower walls with my friends, or to get more kills than the other players!

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The Creeps spawn and want to reach your base, it is your mission to stop them to run through the Ice World of Wintermaul. At the start you can choose a race with your builder and then you start to get towers. This is what the Wintermaul Map looks like:
Warcraft 3 Map Wintermaul

Wintermaul Quick Guide

There are many different Wintermaul and Wintermaul Wars versions I have uploaded Wintermaul X3 here which I think is the Best!
The Tips and the Screenshots are not exactly from this version but you can do it in any Wintermaul. 😉

It is important to build a good tower maze! In this Maze the Creeps must walk as long as possible so that your towers can shoot often.
On these 2 Pictures you can see how you can build your Maze for example. You can build a hook or a spiral to let the Creeps walk a long way.

Simple Starting Hook to abuse Creep Way Points:

This is one way how you can build a good Wintermaul tower maze. The creeps come have to reach the green circle before they can move on, you have to exploit this:
Wintermaul maze

A Wintermaul Spiral Maze:

Wintermaul guide
Wintermaul X3 tower defense
Have Fun Playing! 😉 Share and Comment! 😀

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