Line Tower Wars

Line Tower Wars is a map that nearly every Warcraft 3 player has joined at least once in his lifetime. :D
The Line Tower Wars Map in short LTW allows to play tower defense against each other – I really love this map! x3

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Map Category:Tower Defense
Warcraft 3 Map Name:Line Tower Wars 45
Map Rating:
Release Date:2003
Map Size:241.5 KB

Warcraft 3 Line Tower Wars Map Download

Line Tower Wars is a Warcraft 3 Tower Defense Map which is fast to play and always fun! Some rounds can go that long, that there are so much units that WC3 is lagging hard! xD

Basics: Every player starts with a little amount of gold, a worker and a shop.
On the one hand in Warcraft 3 Map Line Tower Wars it is crucial to build towers to stay alive, on the other hand every player has to send units to the enemy to increase the income.

Gameplay: By buying units, the very next player right to you, gets these units and has to defend them. By buying units the longterm income increases which is really important. The income ticks are 2around every 20 seconds. Every player has lives, units that comes trough mean a lost life for the player and a won life for the player who bought the unit.
These gameplay basics deliver so much fun, it is easy to access but hard to master! :D

Here you can download Warcraft 3 Line Tower Wars 45:

Warcraft 3 Line Tower Wars Guide

Here are some quick tips for Line Tower Wars to bash your enemies and friends:

  • Be quick! In the beginning place your towers very fast so that you do not lose lives early. Don’t hesitate to spam basic buildings, you can sell all of them later it is the best thing you can do!
  • Do not block a full wall, or the anticheat unit will destroy your towers, which are expensive! Always let a half slot free, so that the units can pass. Instead of blocking you have to maze and let the units move a long way trough your towers!
  • On the turning points, where units have to move around, place melee towers, on all of the other positions place ranged towers. This is especially in the beginning important to defend against huge armies.
  • There are 5 different technologies: Ice, Fire, Lightning, Dark and Light. Choose wisely which towers work good together. The first one is free the others get expensive over time.

Line Tower Wars Warcraft 3 Screenshot

Here is the loading screen of the Warcraft 3 Funmap Line Tower Wars:

Have fun playing! bling