RGC Warkeys

Hi to all Dota RGC players! Here you can Download RGC Warkeys!
What is RGC Warkeys?
The Dota utility tool called RGC Warkeys allows to setup custom Hotkeys for the Dota RGC Maps. RGC stands for Ranked Gaming Client, a competitive Warcraft 3 Dota League.

You can find all RGC Dota Maps here.

With RGC Warkeys you can define all Customkeys to QWER and even setup Item Hotkeys and quickchat functions!

Warcraft 3 Tool Name:RGC Warkeys
Release Date:2017
Map Size:1.4 MB


RGC Warkeys DownloadRGC Warkeys is based on the Auct Hotkeys Tool, but it is even better! It has all functions in one program.

The tool Dota RGC Warkeys is super simple to use and everything you need as a Dota RGC player!

Here is the RGC Warkeys Download:


RGC Warkeys Features:

Features of RGC Warkeys

  • Escpecially designed to work with the Dota RGC Maps! RGC Warkeys supports all Dota RGC 6.88 versions & Dota RGC 6.85k. (The Hotkeys also work on other platforms, but try it out before.)
  • Create Dota Hero/Spell/Shop Hotkeys (very simple).
  • Create Dota item inventory Hotkeys!
  • Extra configuration for Invoker and Rubick.
  • Works with the Warcraft 3 Patch 1.26a and all newer ones (1.27a, 1.27b, 1.28, 1.29).
  • You can create multiple profiles to save different Customkeys and switch between them.
  • Setup quick chat messages, if you need some commands very often! 8)

RGC Warkeys Installation:

Installation Guide for RGC WarkeysTo get the RGC Warkeys rdy, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download RGC Warkeys, unzip and open the file.
Step 2: On the first screen you can edit the Dota inventory item hotkeys.
Dota RGC Inventory Hotkeys

Step 3: Here you can edit all Dota hero spells:
Dota RGC Hero Spell Hotkeys

Step 4: Setup special keys for Invoker and Rubick, if you play them:
Invoker and Rubick Special Hotkeys

Step 5: Setup extra keys for nice commands.
Customkeys RGC Warkeys

That’s it! 8)

Dota RGC Warkeys tips

You can create your individual custom Hotkeys for Dota RGC.

In my opinion it is by far the best configuration to put the spells on the keys QWER, on 1 your hero, and the items on 2,3,4,5,6,7.
Dota Inventory Item Hotkeys
Any questions?

Have fun playing Dota RGC! bizeps

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10 days ago

not working while playing RGC so sad

Mina Waifu
Mina Waifu
8 months ago

it is not working when I’m playing ranked in rgc. but when I play with AI it works lol

9 months ago

Di naman gumagana

1 year ago

Rhc warkeys got a bug when iam playing rubick with aghanim..can you fix that?

2 years ago

custom spells keys aren’t working i cant set in the blanks

2 years ago

not working? why

2 years ago

putang ina
bizeps bizeps bizeps

2 years ago

on which server can be played

2 years ago

How to enable enemy HP bar?