All Warcraft 3 Chat Commands

In the great World of the Warcraft 3 Universe its easier to have some short and handy commands to wander around quickly.

The Following list contains a full list of all Warcraft 3 Chat Commands that exist!

/w or /m Whisper someone like this /w gaming-tools hi whats up you rock!
/rAnswer to the last person who wrote you.
/meAllows you to write something in grey color (Like a status)
/me afk for eating cookies!
/squelchmute the idiot!
/unsquelchshow feelings
/away/away i am still afk eating cookies!
/jjoin a chat channel
/statscheck the stats of any player. This is important if you are in a game and want to check your opponent or team mate
/whoisWhat's that idiot doing?
/whoUsernames of People in a Chat Channel
/whoamiWhere the fuck am i? Displays the Server. You should know where you are lol.
/timeNo clock in the house man?
/usersInteresting Numbers of Playing and Online Players
/fpsYour FPS (only Ingame)
CTRL+M or CTRL+ArrowDownStupid Music off! Annoying sometimes
CTRL+S or CTRL+ArrowUpLet the Music Play!
/dndNo one can contact you
/me #shutthefuckupls
/rejoinRejoin the Channel that you are in

Warcraft 3 Friendlist Chat Commands

Command Effect
/f lDisplays what all your friends are doing.
/f aAdd someone to your friend list
/f rRemove this Tard
/f mA Message to all your friends for all the spammers out there.
/f m someone at?
/f promote username1 Up in the Friendlist
/f demote username1 Down

Warcrarft 3 Extra Chat Commands

/clan create /clan create
.pingme or .pingCheckout Channels where a bot is and get pinged. Everything above a Ping of 200 is laggy!

Warcraft 3 Clan Channel Commands

This is a Screenshot of my clan siQ.
We are a Dota Clan 😀 (But now playing Dota 2)

/kick usernameTime to Kick!
/ban usernameHe came back lol.
/unban usernameUnban the Loser
/resignGive up your yellow border and become a normal User
/designate username Give Channel operator rights to someone who is no Operator. For this you must /rejoin the Channel to make him get the Yellow Border. He got the Operator Rights until he leaves the channel.

This is someone who loves to ban People:



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