Naruto Battle Royal

In Naruto Battle Royal you pick a Naruto Hero and fight in the PVP Arena to win the game!

Naruto Battle Royal Map Download

You can play the Warcraft 3 Funmap Naruto Battle Royal as a Team Death match or as a Free For All (Everyone versus Everyone).

There are a lot of the Naruto Characters in the game that you can pick.

All the Naruto Battle Royal characters have a Model. They are implemented very nice and give a real anime feeling.


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Download-Size: 6.0 MB

Like typical for Warcraft 3 you have your hero with 6 free Item slots and different spells to level.

The Effects in the Game are really awesome! This Map shows what is possible with the Warcraft 3 World Editor! The Spells are sometimes mega sized and fun to watch. 😀

Naruto Battle Royal Game Screenshots

Try it out my friends =)

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