Dota LoD 6.85o1

Welcome to the Dota LoD 6.85o1 Download!
Dracol1ch updated the new Legends of Dota version with a lot of great changes:

In Dota 6.85o1 LoD the Christmas stuff has been removed and there is a long list of optmized spells, ultimate spells, global ultimate spells as well as bug fixes! dia

Dracol1ch gives us what we need to play a stable Legends of Dota Map that makes fun and is less and less abusive or unbalaneced. This gives a greater gameplay playing RGC LoD games! bling

Info: To play Dota LoD 6.85o1 you need the Warcraft 3 Patch version 1.26 (It does not work with 1.24, 1.27, 1.28 or 1.29). Get all Warcraft 3 Patches here.

Dota LoD 6.85o1 Map Download:

Dota LoD Map Download:Dota LoD Overview
Dota LoD Version:Release Date:File Size:Download:
Dota LoD 6.85o1New02.05.20189.5 MBDownload
Here you can get the Legends of Dota 6.85o1 Download. crown

Dota LoD 6.85o1 Changelog:

Dota LoD 6.85o1 ChangelogGeneral Changes in Dota LoD 6.85o1:
Legends of Dota 6.85o1 Map

  • In Legends of Dota 6.85o1 the game mode “Fast Neutrals” / “-fn” is now removed.
  • Xmas Edition & Santa has been removed.
  • Added many new fun names for heroes.
  • Skills will now always have static positions.
  • Removed -ul (unlimited levels) from all removed hcl modes.
  • In Dota LoD 6.85o1 all abilities got their own casttime.
  • Default mode is now “-sds6ff” instead of “-sd3lszmeb”.
  • Added HCL mode “mdls” = “-mds6ff3ls”.
  • “Suspicious click on Rune” text removed.
  • All devoured skills have 4 levels, hero gets skill based on devour level on eating moment.
  • Grey wolf and Little Mud Golem doesn’t switch hero abilities when eaten.
  • Synergy now works on Nether Ward, giving it 1/2/3/4 bonus hp, based on Synergy level.
  • Synergy now works on Frozen Sigil: Adds Truesight ability to the Sigil with 100/150/200/250 AoE.
  • Thunder Strike now reveals you if you’re invisible and affected by it.
  • Added 100 bonus AS to Roshan.
  • Rearm can no longer be picked with Spirit Bear.

Other Changes in Dota LoD 6.85o1:

  • In Legends of Dota 6.85o1 the gold and experience flow has been adjusted for several abusive spells.
  • 22 Bug Fixes.
  • 51 Hero balance changes.
  • 92 Hero Ability spell changes.
  • 23 Hero Ultimate spell changes.
  • 10 Hero Global Ultimate spells.
  • 6 Skill Panel changes.
  • Various tool tip improvements.
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