TKoK RPG – Warcraft 3 Free Map Download – Eastern Kingdom

TKoK is the shortname for The Kingdom of Kaliron. It is a Warcraft 3 multiplayer RPG custom map where you can save and load. The most Warcraft 3 RPGs are just playable as a single player campaign, but trough the save & load function you can play it in the TKoK Eastern Kingdom is designed for 4 up to 7 players.

Warcraft 3 TKoK Loading ScreenTKoK 3.3.0f Minimap

TKoK RPG Eastern Kingdom Warcraft 3 Map Download

The Wc3 Map TKoK Eastern Kingdom has ground breaking systems that give a whole new feeling. It is an experience like it is a different RPG game and not Warcraft 3! You go as a group and fight epic bosses like in World of Warcraft!

TKoK is one of the best RPG maps for Warcraft 3, it is reviewed and recommended by many players who just love it.

The whole map and concept with all its classes and items is just overwhelming and impressive! People say it is by far the best Warcraft 3 RPG ever!
Download TKoK Eastern Kingdom 3.3.0f here!
DownloadDownloads: 151,179 Download-Size: 22.8 MB

Warcraft 3 TKoK Eastern Kingdom Features

Warcraft 3 TKoK Eastern Kingdom has great features. The creators ‘The Crimsons Creations Team’ prepared awesome extras that make TKoK feel like a full blown RPG game!
WC3 Map TKoK Features

Custom Hero Stat SystemThere are 3 main stats: Power, Agility and Energy, 8 sub stats: Strength, Constitution, Endurance, Dexterity, Reflexes, Intelligence, Wisdom and Spirit.
These stats decide the aspects of your hero! Each hero also has Attack Power, Attack Critical Chance, Attack Critical Power, Spell Power, Spell Critical Chance, Spell Critical Power, Dodge chance, and Block chance. You get these attributes through your stats!
Playable HeroesAll heroes are playable now: Arcanist, Pyromancer, Hydromancer, Warrior, Cleric, Chaotic Knight, Phantom Stalker, Ranger, Paladin, Barbarian, Shadowblade, and the Druid
A Threat SystemLike in other RPGs, TKoK Eastern Kingdom has an aggro/threat system. This is so nice. It allows tanks to control the mobs and protect teammates like the casters.
Equipment SystemWarcraft 3 TKoK Eastern Kingdom has a full screen GUI inventory system. So you can hold and equip items for your hero and always got the overview!
Talent Tree SystemFull screen GUI talent tree system to level your hero and learn new abilities. Improve your abilities and the effects!
Enemy Ability SystemThe Map TKoK Eastern Kingdom is dynamic, that means the enemies have an ablity system that is randomly scripted! This allows maximum fun and to play it again in a different way!
Scripted Mini bosses & BossesThe boss fights in Warcraft 3 TKoK are so epic! 😀 All monsters have a boss which you have to fight at the end of an area. Each boss has its own abilities and behaviours, that you will have to think about and react to! The boss fights are really hard and entertaining!

Kingdom of Kaliron Boss Fight

The Kingdom of Kaliron Chat Commands

Here is the full list of Warcraft 3 TKoK Eastern Kingdom chat commands! Just press enter and gogo! 😉 After some time you know the important ones automatically.

-rewardsDisplays & pings the map of all turn in points for finished quests you have not claimed.
-qitemsDisplays which player has what quest items.
-clear or z (no dash)Clears all chat text.
-rmResets the damage meters for your hero.
-suicideKills your hero instantly (in case you are stuck or something).
-fogToggle on/off the fog (requires entering a new zone when turning back on).
-musicToggle on/off the music (requires entering a new zone when turning back on).
-cviewCycle through camera viewing options.
-cdistCycle through camera distance to target options.
-m1 -m2 -mc3 new commands for the target marking system, Red, Blue, Clear.
-invShortcut to open inventory.
-ttShortcut to open talent tree.
-totalsDisplay all damage and healing totals.
-statusDump display of all hero status effect counters (helps with debugging / bug reporting).
-cctDisplays current time left in combat.
-timerdumpPayer Red only – displays all currently in use timers (helps with debugging).
-sabShows or hides aggro bars for player.

Warcraft 3 TKoK Eastern Kingdom Map Overview

Everytime I see or play this map I am just impressed how much time these guys spend to make this game so well! How much time did they need to create this! It is one of the most epic Warcraft 3 Maps!
Warcraft 3 Kingdom of Kaliron RPG
What do you think about TKoK Eastern Kingdom? Is it a great RPG or lacking some game mechanics?
Warcraft 3 TKoK Map Download
Have fun playing!

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