How to abuse Warcraft 3 Tournament Stats

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, today I show you a simple strategy how to create awesome Warcraft 3 tournament statistics crown without beeing a professional gamer…
In the first tournament guide I talked about basics how to create a good tournament acc and today let’s dive in deeper with a customized strategy.

Warcraft 3 Tournament Abuse (1on1):

Warcraft 3 1on1 Abuse Guide
This strategy is really really simple and it is working with every 1on1 tournament. You just need one thing: A lot of friends that you can trust.
In the best case 7 people meet in teamspeak or discord and the party can start. But in most of the tournaments i didn’t had so many people that I can trust, 4 are enough and 3 people is the minimum to do this.

Step 1: Make a freelose
To prepare the tournament strategy just start by making a freelose on every account that you want to push (in a normal case, every player uses his own account and makes a lose). This makes sure that you take part on the tournament (the starting time just has a 30 minute window as you know).
Now everyone of you should have 0-1-0 in the upper right corner. Perfect! 😀

Step 2: All players log into one account
Give the username and password to all of the guys (remember to only give the password to people you can trust). Now all players are logged in and should meet in one wc3 channel. The usernames are “name”, “name#2”, “name#3” and so on, but inside the game they will all appear as the real player. Everyone has to get ready now…
Step 3: Search a tournament game all at the same time
Now it is important that all players search together, count down from 3,2,1 and start together. You can’t be matched against yourself so don’t be afraid to search together. It is important that all players find a game fast, so right when the tournament startet it is the safest way to meet many people who got 0-1-0. Later on it is possible to meet people who got 1-2-0 or 2-3-0 and these guys might be much stronger. Now every player finds a game and plays as good as he can. It won’t be too hard because the players are very bad most of the time. What will happen now? Everyone makes a win and if you play with 4 players the statistics are 4-1 and that would mean 80%.
Here is a table:

3 players3-175%
4 players4-180%
5 players5-183.33%Maybe Finals
6 players6-185.7%Pretty safe Finals
7 players7-187.5%Definetely Finals

Important infos for the Warcraft 3 Tournament abuse:

  • Remember that the maxmimum is 8 games for the premilinary round of the tournament.
  • Better play safe and don’t be greedy, 3-1 or 4-1 is an awesome result.
  • The tour abuse plan is not to take part in the tour finals – only take part if you are a good player. You will be matched against really good players, you don’t have to play.
  • For good players this can be a great boost to jump into the finals fast and then try to win the whole tournament!
  • Abusing is abusing, it is not something for what you get respect, but hey if no one knows, who cares. Do you?

WC3 Tour abuse – what can go wrong?

The worst thing that can happen is, when a player finishes the game while the others are still searching. The mission for all players is to stay in the game until all have found a match. If the enemy is leaving instantly and you quit the game, all others will be searching with stats of 1-1. I actually don’t know if it helps to stay in the won game, but I would do it until all have found a game. 8)

What do you think?
Do you ever tried this? It is really fun! 😉
The best thing is when you have a fixed group of 5-6 people who meet very often in wc3. Like this you can get tour pics and high % stats fast.

Keep in mind that this is abusing! You will abuse the system, it’s not a good thing at all 😀 – if you end up with 6-1 or something and play finals you steal a slot of another good player… But if you can live with that, have fun! 😉

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