Map Tong Hop

The Warcraft 3 Map Tong Hop is one of the most epic Maps that is a MUST-PLAY!
If you haven’t played it yet get it now. Very nice Warcraft 3 anime hero arena custom game.

Warcraft 3 Map Tong Hop Download

In Tong Hop you choose your hero and have to farm big items to get stronger and stronger.
The Map is edited much and there are implemented cool anime heroes in to the Warcraft 3 engine.

Warcraft 3 Map Tong Hop Download:
Download Downloads: 474,868 Download-Size: 16.0 MB

Warcraft 3 Map Tong Hop

Map Tong Hop Latest version

The latest and best version of Map Tong Hop is V49.0.
It is balanced great and has the most fun factor.

Download Map Tong Hop V49.0 here.

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There are really good map patterns and structures that make this map look nice.
Warcraft 3 Map Tong Hop Shops

Map Tong Hop Hero Fights & Duels

When you start playing Map Tong Hop you will see the timer to the next hero duel in the upper right corner. You have to get as strong as you can until the next duel starts.

In your base there are a lot of shops, choose wisely which items you buy. Normally you need a few rounds to play until you know which items are good for you.

Tong Hop is one of the most played Warcraft 3 Maps in Asia but also European and American Warcraft 3 Players should try it out. Map Tong Hop is quite balanced and fun to play. 😉

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5 years ago

wc3 says map is damaged