Dota Ai 6.78c Download

The latest official version of the DotA Ai Map is 6.78c – if you see newer versions, they are faked or not finally balanced. We advice to use 6.78c, because this one is balanced and fun to play.


Downloads: 345,964 Download-Size: 28.0 MB


What is Dota Ai Map?

On the Dota Ai Map you are able to play against Bots. AI (Artificial intelligence) means computer intelligence – the heroes are controlled by bots and act like real users. These AI Bots react on your decisions and pings.

If you search the latest DotA Version without AI go here Dota 6.83d.

Features of the Dota Ai Map 6.78c

  • All latest skills and updates are ported properly
  • -cm mode works correct
  • 2 Couriers instead 3
  • Bug Fixes
  • Optimization that makes the game faster and and more stable

Also checkout the best Dota Ai Map version 6.88.

What about newer AI Version?

Creating a stable AI version needs much of time and is really extensive.

The creators did this for fun to provide a good version that allows to play a great game. The real Dota Map (without AI Bots) is moving on faster and has many changelogs.

On the Dota Download Map site you can always find the latest version.

Enjoy Playing!!! GL and HF 😉

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