Dota 1 Map Download – Dota 6.88 Ai Download

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Dota 1 Map Download

Here you can download Dota 6.88 Ai the official Dota Ai Map Download.
Get the latest Dota 1 Map Download here (Ai Version).

Download DotA 6.88 Ai

Dota Allstars 6.88 Ai has been created by a chinese player (and is translated to english).

Dota 6.88 Ai includes new items: Dragon Lance, Faerie Fire, Solar Crest, Octarine Core, Tome of Knowledge and Blight Stone. These items allow great new gameplay combos and tactics, try it out! 😀

Download Dota 6.88 Ai in different languages.

Dota 6.88 Ai (English)Download
Dota 6.88 Ai (Chinese)Download

What is Dota Ai?

Ai stands for “artificial intelligence” and means that bots play with you (instead of real players).
The bots are designed and programmed to act natural and behave like a real dota player. crown

What are Dota Ai maps for?

  • You want to train/test new heroes or tactics.
  • You have no connection, but want to play Doto.
  • You want to fill up LAN games with bots.

Dota Ai 6.88 is the proper map build on the Allstars Map Dota 6.88.

DotA Version:DotA 6.88 Ai
Filename:DotA 6.88 AI English.w3x
Language:English, Chinese
Release Date:04.07.2016
Map Size:24.1 MB

DotA 6.88 Ai Game Commands

Dota Ai allows to pick all of the bot heroes, so you have an exact choice:

-pePick enemy heroes
-paPick allied heroes

Let’s see when Dota Ai 6.89 will come! bizeps

DotA 6.88 Ai Changelog

This is the Dota 6.88 Ai Changelog:

  • Some basic bugs are removed from the previous version.
  • Some of the items are synchronized to Dota 6.88 (and Dota 2).
  • Increased wind spirits patterns, shimmer cloak, tome of knowledge & heart.
  • Item price 6.88 basic synchronization:
  • Armlet (Recipe cost increased from 500 to 550)
  • Bloodthorn (Critical Strike multiplier increased from 1.35 to 1.45)
  • Butterfly (Agility increased from 30 to 35)
  • Crimson Guard (Cooldown reduced from 50 to 46)
  • Dragon Lance (Strength and Agility reduced from 15 to 14, Attack Range bonus increased from 130 to 140)
  • Hurricane Pike (Attack Range bonus increased from 130 to 140, Active now grants 100 Attack Speed for the 4 attacks it provides on the target)
  • Rod of Atos (Cooldown reduced from 12 to 10)
  • Smoke of Deceit (Now has a 1 second cooldown on use – to prevent accidental usage)

DotA 6.88 Ai Installation

Requirements to play DotA 6.88 Ai:

  • Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne Patch 1.27b ( or higher.
  • Warcraft 3 Patch 1.27a and lower will not work.

DotA 6.88 Ai Installation:

  • Download Dota 6.88 Ai bot version to your computer.
  • Copy the file “DotA 6.88 AI English.w3x” to the correct path:
    For Wc3 Patch 1.26a, 1.27a, 1.27b or older: Put it into this path: “c:\Program Files (x86)\Warcraft III\Maps\Download\DotA 6.88 AI English.w3x”
    For Wc3 Patch 1.28a or newer put it into this path: “user/documents/wacraft-iii/maps/downloads” (view on the image).’

DotA 6.88 Ai known Errors & Bugs:
Bug: “The map file is too big. Please choose a different map.”
Problem: Only 1.27b allows maps bigger than 8mb. To play Dota 6.88 Ai in single mode you need Warcraft 3 Patch 1.26a or higher. (Single Custom Game) On LAN this wont work.

Solutions to play Dota 6.88 Ai on LAN:

  • Solution 1: All players have to update to Warcraft 3 version 1.27b (Up and downgrade with the Warcraft 3 Patch version switcher).
  • Solution 2: All players have to install the 1.26a game.dll LAN file. (Backup your existing dll before).
  • Solution 3: All players have to install the Map File Size Limit Fixer to allow maps bigger than 8mb.

Customkeys for DotA 6.88 Ai

For Dota 6.88 Ai you need new customkeys, because of the changes like the new items.

Download Customkeys.txt:

DotA 6.88 Ai Screenshots

Dota 6.88 Ai Screenshot (Mirana shopping the new items):

Dota 6.88 Ai Loading Screen:

Have fun playing & train vs bots! 😎