WC3 Netease Download & Installation (Super Quick Guide) 2020

Welcome Warcraft 3 fans! 🙂 On this page, you can find the fastest and best guide on how to install and play Warcraft 3 on Netease!On Netease you can play Warcraft 3 competitively and watch WC3 replays and pro games. I also explain how to install the UU Accelerator.

What you can find here:

Update: I also recommend checking out the W3Champions client, which allows playing WC3 on a high level again in modern times. I wrote a complete guide how to use W3Champions here.

What is Netease and What is it Good for?

Netease is software for Warcraft 3 that is mainly used in China. Because of the outdated Battle.net client of WC3, a Chinese IT company teamed up with Blizzard and created an official Chinese Warcraft 3 client with new features: Netease was able to push the scene and Warcraft 3 got highly active again in China.

Warcraft 3 Netease ClientOn Netease you can play competitive Warcraft 3 matches, custom games and also watch other players and pros directly in the client.
It has a huge player base and a matchmaking system that is way better than the standard version. On top of your MMR, your account has level progress that is starting on 50 and is going down if you get better.

Netease is a standalone client, which was completely in Chinese and also the game servers are located in China, but nowadays we luckily got English translations. To accomplish playing with an acceptable ping it is necessary to use a VPN and a ping reducer/accelerator.

Another great feature of Netease is, that players can reconnect to games. Also, the community is highly active and there is active support for the editors and map creators.

How to Install and Play on Netease?

How to install and play Warcraft 3 Netease

  • Open the website of Netease on dz.blizzard.cn. Simply translate the website into your language with Chrome it works out of the box.
    Warcraft 3 Netease Website
  • Click the second button (International version), and then click on download Netease.
  • When you have downloaded the Netease software, simply install it and choose your favorite language.
    Netease Language
    Netease Client Language
  • When it’s finished you will see the Netease client and now you can login or register a new account.
    Netease Client
  • On the website of the Netease center just input your email adress and password, a valid phone number and submit the code you get via sms.

    It’s a bit challenging to input a correct captcha, but just try it, I got a puzzle which was easy to solve without speaking Chinese. The mobile verfification code arrived on my phone after a few tries of going back and forward.
    Register Netease Account

  • Now it is time to download the official UU Accelerator, just click on the download button and install it.

    What is the UU Accelerator?
    The UU Accelerator is a super useful tool that improves the conncetion so that you can play with a good ping on Netease.

  • Launch the Netease UU Accelerator and click on “All Games” on the left side. Now choose Warcraft 3 Netease and double click it.UU Accelerator
  • Now UU Accelerator will improve the ping of Warcraft 3 on Netease for you. Here you can see my improved ping and reduced package loss.
    Netease UU Game Booster
  • Afterwards click on “start game”, and you will have to choose the installed “Warcraft 3 Battle Platform” exe or link on your desktop. Afterwards click launch game again and it will start Netease with the successfully improved ping.
  • Now login into Netease and open the settings tab in the upper left corner. You have to add the gamepath of your Warcraft 3 installation. To download all available Warcraft 3 patches checkout this list.Netease Warcraft 3 Patch
  • Now you can play Warcraft 3 matchmaking and also watch replays on Netease.
    Have fun! 🙂

Netease Ladder Rankings and Top Players:

On Netease are all of the chinese pro players, but also korean and european players are active and dominate the Netease ladder. This is was makes Netease so great, you can directly see Focus, Colorfull or Chaemiko playing and jump into their active games to watch them playing.

Top 10 Netease Pro Players:

  • Colorful
  • Yumiko
  • Hawk (European Player)
  • Lyn
  • Foggy (European Player)
  • Lawliet
  • Chaemiko
  • WFZ
  • Focus
  • Hitman (US Player)

As you can see, even european players are in the league and even in the top 10 of the Netease ladder rankings. With the UU Accelerator you can play on Netease with a decent ping.

Have fun playing, if you have any questions, comment below. 🙂

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3 years ago

no game client has posted ?
lol, how i will get it ? ))))

3 years ago

looks like you need a chinese phone number or u wont be able to install the client

3 years ago

Looks like you can no longer log into the the Netease client with a foreign phone number. Anyone got Netease to work recently?