Dota 6.64 Download

Defense of the Ancients – the popular Warcraft 3 moba funmap!

In this article you can download Dota 6.64.
The map developer Icefrog used his epic magic! 😀 Here is the new Dota map for us:

For newer Dota Maps go here:
Dota Map Download Page.

Dota 6.64 is balanced better and some bugs are fixed. Some heroes got a big buff like Lone Druid & Dark Seer!

Read on…

DotA Version:DotA 6.64
Filename:DotA Allstars v6.64.w3x
Release Date:13.10.2009
Map Size:16.4 MB

Download DotA 6.64

Dota Allstars 6.64In the Dota map 6.64 Allstars many cosmetics were made:
Dota Items have been scaled & adjusted.
This is good for the overall balancing and the game makes more fun!

The Scoreboard shows more and compact information now! 😉

Icefrog also added some cool things in Dota 6.64 like the colored teleportation. A bad thing for your stolen lifetime: Dota takes longer now!!! 😀 The Barracks regenerate faster and you can buyback for less gold, wtf really! 😀

Have fun playing, my friends!


DotA 6.64 Changelog

Here is the Dota 6.64 Changelog of the Heroes & Items:

  • Many hero fixes & bug remove.
  • In Dota 6.64 many heroes are balanced, some spells are buffed!
  • Dota item prices have been adjusted.
  • Buyback costs rescaled
  • Dota Scoreboard improvements
  • Barrack Regeneration increased.
  • Colored Teleportations.
  • More soft adjustements & improvements.

Dota 6.64 Instructions

To play the Dota Allstars Map v6.64 just copy it into your correct Warcraft 3 Maps folder.
Then choose the map and start the game! 🙂

Defense of the Ancients 6.64 Wallpaper Image Wc3 Load

Enjoy Doto! 😀

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