Mafa TD Queen

Mafa TD Queen is a Warcraft 3 Team Tower Defense that is really hard.

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Warcraft 3 Mafa TD Queen Download

The Wc3 TD Map is created by Warqueen.

Download Mafa TD Queen v12 Final here!

Like in every Warcraft 3 Tower Defense, in Mafa TD Queen Creeps spawn and try to get your Lifes!

Stop Them! 😀 At the start of course it’s not so hard, but it gets harder fast. What you need is a reliable team you won’t win this alone, but you could win Mafa TD Queen with 3 Players.

DownloadDownloads: 98,500Download-Size: 1.6 MB

Mafa TD Queen Guide and Gameplay

There are different ways to win Mafa TD Queen. Here is one Build Order Example! 🙂

Mafa TD Queen Guide:

  • Get a Technology Center then a Lightning Tower then Upgrade the Center to Level 2.
  • Then get an Ice and a Poison Tower. Upgrade the Poison Tower to Level 3 and add one more Poison Tower Level 1.
  • Then get two Cutter and two Cannon Towers. If you can upgrade the Cutter Tower.
  • Upgrade the Cannon Tower to Level 3 now. Also upgrade your Lightning Tower to Level 2 and your Technology Center to Level 3.
  • Now try to get Gold Towers to bank money.

It is important to get many Bank Towers in Mafa TD Queen!
Team play is the Key – if possible donate money to the center player.

Now Let’s Play! 😎