Colored Warcraft 3 Names (Color Codes)

Ever wondered how other players in the were able to change their color? These guys are no hackers, you don’t need any tool to do this. This means you can’t get banned for something like this. I will show you how! 😉

Warcraft 3 Colored Name Picker:

In the past, I also used the old WC3 Name Spoofer, which is not working correctly anymore on the newer Warcraft 3 Patches.
But here I will show you what you can do instead!

While the name spoofer was changing the name visually, with this tactic it’s your real name.

You have to place a HEX color code in front of your name.

Example: |c00ff01a6King
|c00 + a Hex Color (ff01a6) + Your Name
Result: King

How to create a colored WC3 name:

  • Just copy this: |c00 (you can also create the stroke with your numpad (hold Alt and on your numpad press”121212″)
  • Then copy a color code with 6 digits from below.
  • Enter your name afterwards (up to 5 letters).

Warcraft 3 Name Color Picker:

Here are some nice colors, of course you can pick any available hex colors:

000000 Black
ff01a6 Pink
f44242 Red
f4ff2b Yellow
303eff Blue
9523ff Purple
ff9d1e Orange
ff0f4f Pink-Red
0fffdf Teal
47d1ff Light Blue
9aff35 Lime

Step by Step Guide how to create a colored Warcraft 3 Name:

I created a storyline for you, so you can see how easy it is to play with a colored name! 😉

  • Choose one of the colors above.
  • Now login to the and click “create new WC3 account”. Now you have to enter the colorcode and add a cool name afterwards. The only problem is the limited name area, which will only allow a 5-letter name, so be imaginative. 😉Create a new Warcraft 3 Account with a colored name
  • Now login and visit the chat channel: TADAA!!! 😀 Your Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne name is now pink. 😉 WC3 Chat with colored Name
  • Check your pink Warcraft 3 profile name. 😉 Warcraft 3 Profile Name
  • Now I joined a new game, all players will think “WTF” is this, how did he do this?Warcraft 3 4on4 Random Team
  • No, I did not leave the game with my new level 1 account! 😀 I played human here and the name is even pink in the chat. Warcraft 3 Random Team Screenshot
  • Here you can see, that I won and with a big point difference I stomped down my enemies. Now they will all think, WTF who is this pink guy? 😀 Warcraft 3 game statisticsHere is an important number for me: I made the most unit kills! 😉 WC3 Most Points Statistics
  • Now enjoy your new colored WC3 name and enjoy the game! 😉
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Matthew Kristiansen
Matthew Kristiansen

Thank you

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