Dota 6.88v7 RGC Download

Dota Allstars (Defense of the Ancients) is a Warcraft 3 – The Frozen Throne funmap.

Dota is a moba (multiplayer online battle arena) game like League of Legends and Dota 2. But you all know that man! 😀

Choose one of over 110 Dota heroes and choose your destiny my friends! 😀 The new heroes and the new items, have to be improved and there are still some bugs, so new versions bring a better game performance and more fun.

This is Dota 6.88v7 for the Ranked Gaming Client, not playable in BNet.

DotA Version:Dota 6.88v7 RGC
Filename:DotA Allstars 6.88v7.w3x
Release Date:28.03.2018
Map Size:21MB

Download Dota Allstars RGC 6.88v7

Map image Defense of the Ancients 6.88v7So, what is RGC? RGC stands for Ranked Gaming Client, many people who love Dota 1 play there, because it is a cool Dota community, where you can play competitive Warcraft 3 Dota.

For the further changelog read below!

Just click on the button to download Dota 6.88v7 RGC:

Dota 6.88v7 RGC Changelog

Full Changelog for Dota 6.88v7 RGC:

  • Various Dota 6.88v7 game bug fixes & desync issue fixes.
  • Various tool tip and icon improvements & changes.
  • Ziggurat model fixes.
  • Collision size of all Towers reduced to match spell’s targeting pointer.
  • Improved illusion revealing game mechanics.
  • Mirror-Image will not cause invulnerability anymore.
  • Fixes for the Dota mode -cm and -cd (hero models fixed).
  • Visual indicators for allies near the shops created, to show the availability of Wards, Gem, Tome of Knowledge and Smoke.
  • Chicken/Animal Courier CD reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Improved visual effect for Ensnare.
  • Added the hotkey option OrderToAllControlledUnitsHotkey: Ify you give an order to any unit while holding the defined key, all of these controllable units will try to perform it. You can only give 3 AllUnits orders at time, they restore with 1 per second rate. Great thing. ^^)
  • Quick Chat messages can now be pushed to all chat using @ as the very first symbol in the line.

Dota 6.88v7 RGC Item Changelog:

  • Command -si to swap items improved, it wont lag anymore.
  • Improved restricted item block mechanics (you can not buy Tome of Knowledge, Wards, Gem & Smoke on the enemy side anymore.
  • Fixed Pipe of Insight resistance aura flickering randomly.
  • Fixed Guardian Greaves affecting all allied units instead of heroes and illusions only
  • Fixed Raindrop working on illusions
  • Fixed Raindrop triggering when receiving damage while invulnerable

Dota 6.88v7 RGC Hero Changelog:

  • Added double-click support to the Dota spells Dark Rift, Healing Ward, Suicide Squad Attack.
  • Fixed Snipers Flak Cannon having 1 less attack than intended.
  • Glimpse no longer goes through Juggernauts Omnislash.
  • Fire Remnant Jump now displays manacost when no Remnants placed.
  • Fixed Supernova/Rearm producing fatal error messages & desyncs.
  • Fixed Natural Order providing 25/50/75/100% armor reduction instead of 40/60/80/100%.
  • Fixed Tombstone’s Zombies standing still if their target wasn’t attackable on spawn tick.
  • Rikimarus Blink Strike can now target spell immune allies.
  • Magnus Skewer spell does not create mini-stuns anymore.
  • Phantom Strike can now longer target couriers.
  • Fixed Fire Blast level 2 with Multicast level 1 being invisible on the panel.
  • Fixed Searing Arrows with Lifesteal lifestealing from structures.
  • Death Pact now dispel previous instance of the spell instead of stacking.
  • Fixed Psionic trap slow values being off the mark sometimes.

DotA Allstars 6.88v7 RGC Wallpaper & Screenshots

Download and copy the Dota file into your Warcraft 3 map folder:
How to install Dota Map

Here is a Dota 6.88v7 RGC Wallpaper Screenshot:
Defense of the Ancients 6.88v7 Wallpaper

Good lucky and much skill my friends!

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