Warcraft 3 Name Spoofer

With the Warcraft 3 Name Spoofer from Shadow French you can change your displayed username and the color in Warcraft 3 Custom games.


Downloads: 56,156 Download-Size: 84.5 KB

Info: This tool is not working with the newer WC3 Patches.
Please use the newer Warcraft 3 Colored Name Guide.

Warcraft 3 Name Spoofer

The Warcraft 3 Name Spoofer from Shadow French is a tool that is just for fun!
You can checkout games look what’s the name of the host type it in to your Namespoofer and join the game with the same name as the host! 🙂 Try it out its Fun.

Also you can change your color, but many people will call you hacker then or might kick you.

Keep in mind that Blizzard does not allow these on Ladder games, so if you play Ladder with the Namespoofer active – do it on your own risk. (When i played Ladder with Namespoofer on nothing happened).

How to use the Name Spoofer?

  • Download and Run the Warcraft 3 Name Spoofer
  • Set a Name (and a color) before you join a game
  • Press Change Name
  • Join a Warcraft 3 custom game

This is the Shadow French Warcraft 3 Name Spoofer in Action:


Tell your stories about trolling hosts! 😛

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Suplementos Mais Baratos
Suplementos Mais Baratos
1 year ago

I miss you ShadowFrench , “whereisyourdomain”

5 years ago

It’s way too old now… not working.

7 years ago

wtf doesnt work for me

7 years ago

doesnt work anymore