Warcraft 3 Pains Party

Welcome, here you can get the Pains Party Map Download for Warcraft 3:
What is Pains Party?
In Pains Party you have to contest in about 20 challenging minigames against your enemies! These minigames need skill, reactions and intelligence. Some games are dodging, some are fighting, some are math and so on! xD xD

The games make a lot of fun, if you haven’t played Pains Party for Warcraft 3 yet, download the map and start a game with your friends! x3

Warcraft 3 Pains Party Map Download:

Warcraft 3 Funmap Pains Party Download

Warcraft 3 Tool Name:Pains Party 3.3 (Best version)
Release Date:2011
Map Size:682.8 KB
Warcraft 3 Pains Party MapPains Party v3.3 is the best version from all Pains Party Maps.
The Minigames make a lot of fun and if you play it a bit more often you will get better and better. After some games I was really good in most of the games and I have beaten anyone and my friends got angry! xD
Here you can get the Warcraft 3 Map Pains Party Download: Download

Have Fun playing! ^^)

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