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Welcome to all, who still love & play Warcraft 3 Dota! x33 Do you already know RGC?
This is the RGC Download page. I show you how you can get ready playing some games fast.

Ranked Gaming Client Download

RGC is a perfect Warcraft 3 tool, for people who still want to play some great Warcraft 3 Dota games.
RGC has the best Warcraft 3 Dota community & has taken a good progress in the last years, the fun & game expierence is high!

The admin team always takes care about the newest updates. The interface of the Ranked Gaming Client is simple and cool and allows to play stable games, even with friends.

Check it out, it makes more fun than Dota 2. 😀

Here is the RGC Download: Download

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What is RGC?

RGC stands for Ranked Gaming Client and is an e-sport gaming platform where you can play high quality Dota games! You have your own profile, friends and a messaging system.
RGC offers some cool things like Host Bots, a reconnection tool and has nearly no leavers. An important part is the RGC Ranking System for Dota Allstars, Dota LoD and Warlock!
Connect and play with the real dota lovers from all over the globe.
When you login you start in your country channel, but you can switch the channel and find new ones.

Read on…

Warcraft 3 Tool Name:RGC (Ranked Gaming Client)
Release Date:2011
File Size:44MB

RGC Features

Ranked Gaming tries to offer a good and complete service to play competitive Dota on a high level.

Here are the main RGC Features:

  • RGC is free to join, just download RGC, register & play! bizeps
  • Great Dota games! x33 (RGC supports always the newest Dota maps. Find all RGC Dota maps here.)
  • In RGC you can be someone, you will always meet the same people again, because it is a small community. x3 Like this the gaming experience is really high & you can get famous or known inside your filter bubble! crown
  • Game & also country/region based Ranking System for Dota Allstars, Dota LoD and Warlock. bling
  • RGC is an IRC-like Dota chat with chat channels for each region, a friendlist & private messaging. You could compare it to the Warcraft 3 Battle.net chat system!
  • Host Bots (RGC has their own servers & networks)
  • A Dota reconnection tool, this reduces the leaver percentage a lot!
  • RGC has an Anti Hack System and is strictly fighting against leavers and cheaters!

Which games can I play at RGC?

  • Dota RGC (Find all Dota RGC Maps here.)
  • Legends of Dota (LoD)
  • Warlock

In addition to that you can play any Warcraft 3 Map in the Ranked Gaming Client!

RGC Installation (Tutorial)

Step 1: Download RGC to your computer.
Step 2: Now unzip the RGC file (I would place it into the Warcraft 3 folder).
Now right click the RGC.exe and run it “as an admin” (important).

Step 3: After clicking connect, login into RGC with your account or simply register a new RGC account.

Step 4: Welcome to RGC! bling You can browse the channels now, meet friends and start playing. In the lower right corner, you can choose the Dota map & game mode that you want to play, then click “Sign” to set yourself onto the waiting list. yeah Have fun playing. 8)

Ranked Gaming Client Dota Leaderboards & Screenshots:

One of the best features of RGC are the Leaderboards for Dota. Competition is important for us and in the Leaderboards we can always see how good we are (or how bad 8D ).

Available Ranking Systems:

  • Leaderboards for each game type
  • Country based Leaderboards & Ranks

RGC Dota Rankings top 10:

Country based Warcraft 3 Dota league top 10:

Have fun playing, my friends! 😀
Do you like RGC?