Quick Guide: Warcraft 3 Twitch Stream Overlay – How to use it?

Learn how to use a Stream Overlay for Warcraft 3 Reforged.
A simple guide and examples of a perfect setup.

What is a Twitch Stream Overlay?

A stream overlay, in general, is anything that you put on top of your video stream that you use on platforms like Twitch. The overlay can be a static image, animated content or dynamic data content.

Hero Overlay for Streams WC3If you stream Warcraft 3 and show matches of your own or of other players, the stream overlay adds super useful content for the viewer.
This could be hero levels, spells and items as well as resources (gold, lumber and food).

Which Warcraft 3 Data can you display in a Stream Overlay?

Player InformationName of the player plus personal data like real name, age and origin.
You can show the statistics of the two facing players.
Player statistics of a ranking system or the current tournament.
Player cam of the pro player on big tournaments.
Hero Information: Heroes and their exact level (for example 3.2).
Spells a hero has skilled and the level of it.
Items with cooldowns the heroes have equiped.
Resource Information:Showing the gold, lumber and food status of all players at any time is perfect for the viewer to understand the game.
Researches:You can display all researches a player made in a game.
Match Score:Display the match score like 0-0, 1-0 or 2-1 to show tournament style matches like a best of three.

How to use a Stream Overlay for Warcraft 3 Reforged?

It is super simple with a stream overlay software like w3booster. Just follow the step by step guide below.

How to install W3Booster? (Best WC3 Streaming Software)

  • Download the W3Booster software from the official website.
  • Simply install the downloaded file.
  • Now launch the W3Booster tool and login with your Twitch account.(Social Login)
  • Once you are in you can setup the basic information about your stream and which data you want to show.
  • Now stream Warcraft 3 and test out the stream overlay. Afterward, cofifgure it and improve it over and over again until it is perfect. 😉W3Booster Stream Software
  • Your Warcraft 3 stream could look like this:
    Twitch Stream Overlay for Warcraft 3 Reforged

Is the W3Booster Overlay free to use?

W3BoosterYes the software W3Booster and the basic version is free to use. For more extras you need to buy the pro version, which costs about $13 monthly.

The pro version contains the hero abilities, items, and XP levels and many more features.
Unfortunately if you want to stream Warcraft 3 seriously, you will need the pro version, but it’s worth the money if you love to stream WC3. The software is produced by Pad, who also created the competitive Warcraft 3 league W3champions.

Which Stream Overlay are Grubby and Back2Warcraft using?

This can change over time, but the last time I saw the Twitch and Youtube channels of Grubby and Back2Warcraft they both were using the W3Booster software, since it’s the best on the market.Here is a screenshot of the overlay that Back2Warcraft is using in their WC3 stream:
Back2Warcraft Stream Overlay
And here you can see how Grubby is showing exclusive data about his own games and his daily progress:
Grubby WC3 Stream Overlay

Have fun using it, if you have any questions, comment below. 😉

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2 years ago

Can you guys recomend hardware requirements which I need to stream? Graphics, RAM, HDD etc?

3 years ago

can it be used in offline replay viewing without streaming?

2 years ago
Reply to  gaebolg

Bumping the question!

4 years ago