RGC Warlock Map Download

Warlock is a Warcraft 3 Funmap, which is playable competitive on the Ranked Gaming Client with a League. crown

Map Version:Warlock 1.02 (for RGC)
Release Date:2014
Map Size:4.0 MB

Download Warlock RGC Map

Warlock Map for RGC DownloadWarlock is also called Warlock Brawl and it is a Warcraft 3 fun mod created by a team with the main developer Adynathos.
Where to play WC3 Warlock Brawl?
The map Warlock Brawl is playable in the Battle.net or on platforms like ICCup or RGC. We recommend to play it on RGC, because there is still enough activity in the Warlock scene to play some nice matches! 😉

Here you can get the Warlock Map Download for RGC:

RGC Warlock Map Guide:

Warlock Map 1.01 RGCIn Warlock you play your hero and have to make the most out of your spells, your micro and your reactions! 😉

Get some Customkeys to play even better! After a few matches you get better and better to play smart and cheesy! dia

It makes a lot of fun to troll the enemies! xD xD xD

Customkeys for Warlock RGC:

To play Warlock quick and with a lot of skill, we recommend to get Warcraft 3 Warlock Customkeys:

Warlock RGC Map Custom Terrain Editor:

If you want to edit the terrain, here is a custom terrain editor for Warlock Brawl:

Warcraft 3 Warlock Map Screenshots:

This is a Screenshot of the Warcraft 3 Warlock Brawl Loading Screen:
RGC Warlock Loading Screenshot

Do you like the Map? What do you think! x33

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jhoeb lunarejo vega es mi facebok
jhoeb lunarejo vega es mi facebok
2 years ago

hola xd

g g
g g
4 years ago


6 years ago

Nice crown