Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer

As the name says this Tool reduces the Warcraft 3 delay to a value between 10ms and 500ms, while the Warcraft 3 default is 250ms.

Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer Download

The Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer or W3DR can be simply started to control the Delay of Warcraft 3 Games!

The program includes MouseTrap and a Countdown Modifier.

!dr 50Sets delay to 50ms
!cd 10Sets countdown to 10ms
!mtTraps or untraps the mouse to the wc3 window (in -window mode)
!xcleanly exits the Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer

Delay Reducer Installation

  • Download the Warcraft 3 Delay Reducer
  • Unzip and Start the tool
  • Start Warcraft 3
  • Type desired commands inside of the Warcraft 3 chat lobby
  • Let the Delay Reducer active as long as u want to set more commands
  • That’s it!

Info: We know that you all want to download Delay Reducer 2.4.2 (W3DR 2.4.2) but Google is detecting it as Malware. It is clean, but Google does not allow the upload. If you have any ideas how we can give you version 2.4.2 let us know. – Kev (March 2018)

Can you feel the reduced Delay?