Warcraft 3 Reforged Account Transfer – Does Blizzard allow Smurfs?

Right now many players panic about their old Warcraft 3 accounts!
What will happen to them?

The old Warcraft 3 Accounts

Some old or active Warcraft 3 TFT accounts have so many games… it took ages to reach that.
Players with a WC3 1500 pic want to keep their accounts no matter what will happen.
Also the tournament statistics are an issue, it is super time consuming to create a really nice tournament account and there is so much effort in it.

Will Blizzard allow us to transfer or keep these accounts?

Here is a screenshot of one of my Warcraft 3 accounts, I would like to keep! (Nothrend, Europe)
I have a bloodmage and a doom pic:
Warcraft 3 Profile

Warcraft 3 Profile Icons

Blizzard announced that the Warcraft 3 Accounts will be useable in Reforged

Blizzard announced that they will not take away something from the user, that they will not remove a progress a user hase worked hard for:
They will either keep the Warcraft 3 game statistics in the new profiles OR will reward the player with a new reward with the same value.

It is great to hear that Blizzard said, more achievements will come. The current Warcraft 3 achievements are really simple and needily, you know we all just had profile pictures and percentages that’ all! But we have been happy with it, I hope the new achievments will not break this concept.

If done right the new Warcraft 3 Reforged achievements and rewards could possibly motivate me a lot and bring activity back into the game. bizeps

Will Blizzard allow Smurf Accounts in Warcraft 3 Reforged?

It is not quite sure if Blizzard will allow smurf accounts in Warcraft 3 Reforged, but in a first interview with Pete Stillwell, one of the Reforged developers, it got announced that they want to keep the basics…

They want to keep what Warcraft III made popular and the chat channels and smurf accounts are a big part of this. They do not plan to take this away from the players.

It is not a final information yet, but I am looking forward that this will have an happy end – I just love smurfs and new accounts, you know: new account, new luck! 😀

We will know more once the Beta is out!

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5 years ago

This is nice, but I’m concerned about hackers/teamkillers/AFKers/Leavers.

I want Blizzard to BAN accounts of people that hack, team kill, sit AFK the entire game, or leave at the start. We all know that this behavior has destroyed WC3 online play for years. Please punish these losers by banning their accounts so we only get matched with real players….

4 years ago

Most games do that