Visual Custom Kick

The Tool Visual Custom Kick, better known as VCK, has many features for hosting Warcraft 3 Games!

Visual Custom Kick Download


Downloads: 40,160 Download-Size: 4.1 MB

Visual Custom Kick has many features such as Latency Reducer, Autorefresher, Custom Game filtering and many more! This tool is very useful if you can host!

Just Download the Tool, unzip and run it. Visual Custom Kick also shows the country and the ping of the users in a game!

Features of VCK

  • Replaces Dota-Client or Listchecker but not effective as they bend.
  • Kick Players out of your game!
  • Allows you to change Startdelay.
  • Autorefresh with specific name, color, time slots, delay updates!
  • Listen to your favorite music while you play.
  • Disabling the add-on for the lazy Members Active – You can put the team dota (automatic mode).

Under Tools you can find the executable commands:

Any questions? 😀

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