MPQ Editor

The MPQ Editor for Warcraft 3 and more Blizzard Entertainment game titles has many features to deal with MPQ files. It can execute files directly from archive. Moreover it can extract files, you can rename them, delete, create archives and it includes file compression.

Warcraft 3 MPQ Editor Download

MPQ Editor IconDownload the Warcraft 3 MPQ Editor here. It also supports MPQs from Diablo 1, Diablo 2 and Diablo 3! The software has a windows explorer look & is updated & modern.
It also works with newer Windows versions and operation systems like Windows NT 4.0 or newer, ReactOS 0.3.14 or newer, Wine 1.3.28 or newer (tested in Kubuntu 11.10).
Just be sure you download the newest version. You can get the newest version of the MPQ Editor here. It is one of the Wacraft 3 tools that is still useable well today. 🙂

MPQ Editor 32Bit (English)190,560 DownloadsDownload
MPQ Editor 64Bit (English)178,820 DownloadsDownload

Warcraft 3 MPQ Editor

warcraft-3-mpq-editor The Warcraft 3 MPQ Editor works awesome for updating strings inside Warcraft 3 World Editor Map files. It is a powerful tool and better than the other MPQ Editors, I can really recommend this one! 🙂 The MPQ Editor is a must have for map developers of Blizzard games. The cool thing is it supports many Blizzard games like Diablo. 😉

What are MPQ files?

“MPQ is an archiving file format used in several of Blizzard Entertainment’s games. They contain a game’s data files, including graphics, sounds, and level data.”

MPQ Editor Features

  • Execute and extract MPQ files from nearly all Blizzard Games!
  • Rename, delete archives and compress files.
  • The MPQ Editor is a very useful tool that supports some of the new encryption methods!
  • There are two versions the 32bit and 64bit version for a fluent application.
  • User friendly interface which makes it easy to use all functions. The view-menu gives different styling options for the interface.
  • Generous workspace that makes it easy to open and create MPQ files. Also simply lock and unlock archives to protect files. In the operations area all file management functions, more options appear if you right click on one or more selected files.
  • Ladik’s MPQ Editor also has the ability to set limits for the maximum number of files in a created or edited package. 🙂
  • The MPQ Editor provides an extra tool to view a bitmap representation of data blocks and missing ones are highlighted in red! Try the table viewer for in-depth analysis of each file and more features like merging listfiles and breaking names! Ladik’s MPQ Editor is really full of nice extra features!

MPQ Editor for Warcraft 3 Preview
Extra infos: Some particular file types require more utilities than the MPQ Editor (for example if they contain data in various formats). This can happen with some MPQ files from the installation folders of the games. These MPQs can be viewed and even edited in the most cases, but only with certain applications. With Ladik’s MPQ Editor you can open and edit most of the MPQs! If you find some that you can’t open leave a comment below. 😉

MPQ Editor Questions & Answers

Q: Does removing files, reduces the MPQ size properly?
A: Yes it works! (Not like in the old MPQ Master)

Q: When I ad files or folders to the MPQ and reload the MPQ, the added files are not encrypted and unknow files, why?
A: Everytime MPQs are changed, create a new listfile, which you have to use for correct reloading of the MPQ! Create the new listfile by clicking on ‘Tools/Name Breaker/Save list’.

Q: How can I add folders?
A: Just use the drag and drop functionality!

Q: Does it work for Starcraft 1?
A: Yes. 🙂

Q: Is there a file size limit of MPQ files?
A: They can be even bigger than 3GB. Test it out!

Q: I have problems finding out what hiveworkshop’s JASS Checker was referring to, what can I do?
A: One solution: Extract the war3map.j which contains all the trigger code to find the lines containing the leaks.

MPQs and Casc

Keep in mind that MPQ files are a very old data format from the classic games of Blizzard. Not everyting about this topic is still trustworthy and up-to-date! Some of these games are 20 years old and MPQ goes back to one of it’s founders Mo’PaQ (MPQ) for saving and compressing game data. But the scope how it was used is exhausted meanwhile.
Today there is a new data format called CASC. New Blizzard Games use this file type. 🙂
Blizzard’s classic games of course use standart MPQ files!

The MPQ Editor is up-to-date and powerful:

The great thing is, that the MPQ Editor still works great. If you experience any problems just tell.
Do you like the tool?

Have Fun! 😀

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jake ackley
jake ackley
11 months ago

someone my map bugged out and every single imported file i have (i got a solid 100 of them LOL) wont load in properly. ive retstart pc. force closed editor. closed it. reopened. blah blah. nothig works.
how do i use this to bulk re-add all the models/icon files i imported all at once?

Elsa Capuntas
Elsa Capuntas
1 year ago

Lo he usado para borrar un archivo .mp3 corrompido dentro de un archivo mpq el cual no tenía manera de abrir y que me impedía jugar al warcraft 3. Mil gracias!

3 years ago


3 years ago

First when you open it you will find very confused with words like “archive”, “MPQ”. Then when you move you mouse on every button, like Extract, its comment is “Extract” as well, very simple and confusing, yet they still made the comment function. Then before trying out all the buttons’ functions I strongly suggest you back up your work because this thing just changes and deletes files without any auto backup. After you try out every button and finally find out the compact archive is for encrypting a wc3 map file, you will never know that there is a compatibility… Read more »

3 years ago

No puedo editar el War3Patch.mpq, cada vez que inteto editar el unitBalance.slk me aparece el error “Failed to add the file C:\Warcraft 3\ MPQ Editor\File00000054.slk to the MPQ. El parametro no es correcto.
Antes no me pasaba esto. Alguien tiene alguna solucion?

Michael the Boombringer
Michael the Boombringer
3 years ago

I used this to open some MPQ files, but the next dayt hey had all disappeared. I couldn’t find them with a normal search, nor from the app. I have the option to show hidden files enabled and I don’t think they’re gone, otherwise i wouldn’t be able to see the models, the cinematics etc. Does warcraft 3 have some unknown way of hiding them?