Run Kitty Run: Warcraft 3 Map Download (In The End)

In the Warcraft 3 Funmap Run Kitty Run each Player controls one little Mirana Cat.
Goal: Reach the end without touching the enemies!

Warcraft 3 Run Kitty Run Download

Run Kitty Run is a team escape map. If a cat dies by touching an enemy wolf, there is a circle that revives the cat and gives you xp and money!
Save your allies to win the map. Control your Kitty to reach the end while listening to a speed version of “In the end” from Linkin Park.

You can listen to the song in the bottom video. 😀

DownloadDownloads: 27,700Download-Size: 3.4 MB

Run Kitty Run In the End Music version

Warcraft 3 – Run Kitty Run – How to Play Guide

Here are the Spells of Run Kitty Run:
Run Kitty Run Spells
If you touch the moving wolves in Run Kitty Run that hunt around to kill little Kitties, you die instantly.
Play carefully and dodge the wolves, and be aware they suprisingly start to move or even turn around randomly. If you play mindful its easy possible to reach the end.

If an ally dies you can move on his death circle so he will come back to life, and you get some extra experience.

When you level you can skill and upgrade your spells.

Warcraft 3 Run Kitty Run Screenshot

Warcraft 3 Run Kitty Run Tips and Tricks

Run Kitty Run for WC3 is a team game, so you should someway stick together. There are always players that play solo and want to reach the end first. At the most time they fail! They run and run as fast as they can to get the Corner Experience Tome and hunt forward.

At some point the most players die, then they have to wait for the Kitty herd or they even leave the game. You don’t need many players for Run Kitty Run, a good team is 3 Players.

Play calm and always help each other to get it done. Saving allies brings important extra XP, what makes your spells stronger and your Kitty faster.

WC3 Run Kitty Run Loading Screen
Have Fun Playing and listen to “In the end” from Linkin park! ????


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Love it ^^