Warcraft 3 Game Hostbot

Ever wanted to have a bot that is hosting Warcraft 3 custom games automatically?
Here is the Download Page for the Warcraft 3 Game Hostbot:

Warcraft 3 Game Hostbot:

The Game Hostbot for Warcraft 3 namely Ghost++ 17.2 is a project based on C++.
The Hostbot can automatically host a game in the Warcraft 3 Battle.net, where real users can join. You have full control over bans, kicks, rules, requirements, pings and so on!

The Warcraft 3 Hostbot contains many features and requires a few coding skills. You can setup the full Bot without coding, if you follow the tutorial! 😉 But with coding the possibilities of the Ghostbot are endless! Read on…

Warcraft 3 Tool Name:Warcraft 3 Game Hostbot V17.2 (Ghost++)
Release Date:2009
Map Size:7.1 MB

Warcraft 3 Game Hostbot Download:

Warcraft 3 Game Hostbot
Here are the main features of the Warcraft 3 Hostbot:

  • Info: Needs a bit time to setup.
  • Great Autohosting Feature, that works very stable.
  • Connect to any Battle.net Realm Server that you want to!
  • Host your own games, to create for example a league.
  • Full control over the userlist (leavers, bans).
  • Save the data and the replays of the hosted games.
  • Track the data of the games (who left, who won and so on) to create Leaderboards.

Here is the Warcraft 3 Hostbot Download (Ghost++ 17.2): Download

Wc3 Ghostbot Guide:

To setup the Ghostbot called Ghost++ 17.2 follow the instructions. The best way is to read the full changelog and notes of the Ghost++ Github page. 😉
You can create rules and with the commands you can control every event inside the hosted games! This is a real professional tool, once it is setup correctly, it works like a charm.

For more Tools visit our Warcraft 3 Tools Page. crown

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5 years ago

This bot was made for DotA @ version 1.24.
So how do you configure it for WC3:TFT 1.30 ?

5 years ago

I f*cking hate how every custom game is now hosted by a bot. More than half of them is empty, good luck finding other players 🙁