Dota 6.88v6 RGC Download

Welcome to the Dota RGC Map 6.88v6 Download and Changelog.
What is RGC?
RGC is an extra gaming platform, where you can play competitive Warcraft 3 Dota games! RGC stands for Ranked Gaming Client and has a leaderboard and a league for Dota 1.
Dota 6.88v6 RGC is only playable on this specific platform.

What is new in Dota 6.88v6 RGC?
The newest changes contain a lot of visual changes ingame. Moreover about 8 items have been adjusted and 8 Dota hero spells have been fixed. The courier hotkey now works more fluently! bling

Get your Dota 6.88v6 RGC Map now and have fun playing! 😉

DotA Version:Dota 6.88v6 RGC
Filename:DotA Allstars 6.88v6.w3x
Release Date:2018
Map Size:21MB

Download Dota 6.88v6 RGC

Dota Map 6.88v6 RGCGet the latest Dota RGC Map Download: Version 6.88v6 for RGC!
Advantages of the Dota RGC Maps:
The RGC Dota map versions are updated by Dracol1ch, this means Dota 1 Maps have a future, they get further development to be synchronous to the latest Dota 2 changes and patches. x33
This means the new Dota heroes and items that will be published in Dota 2, will always be added to the RGC maps! crown RGC is really great to play and has a good skill level.

Here is the Dota 6.88v6 RGC Map Download:

DotA 6.88v6 RGC Changelog

Dota 6.88v6 RGC ChangelogHere is the Dota 6.88v6 RGC Changelog:

  • Fixed Snipers Flak Cannon visually not being removed when last attack has been finished.
  • In Dota 6.88v6 RGC “Poof” can now target spell immune units instead of throwing error message.
  • Fixed Assassinate not benefiting of spell damage amplify.
  • Fixed BestCourier hotkey ignoring flying couriers.
  • Fixed Consume didn’t restore health if the host has been taken under control before consuming.
  • Fixed Consume allowing to take control over allied illusions.
  • Added visual effect for Psi Blade’s affected enemies.

Dota 6.88v6 RGC Item changes:

  • In Dota 6.88v6 Dagon can no longer target spell immune units so it won’t be wasted anymore.
  • Upgrading Dagon won’t change it’s item position anymore.
  • Fixed Orchid didn’t deal damage after it’s duration.
  • Movement disables no longer prevents double-clicking on items.
  • Force Staff and Hurricane Pike’s movement now stops if the target blinks away.
  • Aegis and Cheese now spawns slightly off of each other – Cheese to the west, Aegis to the east.
  • Added more useful items into the third side shop.

Dota 6.88v6 visual changes:

  • Experimental HUD improved for the new Dota RGC Map.
  • Several visual changes to improve the game.
  • Improved Split Earth animation.
  • Improved Jakiro’s visuals.
  • Improved Powershot visual cast time.
  • Added visual effect for Roshan spawning.
  • Added visual indicator for Scan on the ground (invisible if fogged, allies only).
  • Added extra visual effect for Nether Blast (allies only).
  • Added extra visual effect for Smoke screen.
  • Added visual countdown for Torrent (allies only).
  • Added visual indicator for Snowball’s target, visible for allies only.
  • New icons for stolen Int on Obsidian Destroy and Str on Undying.
  • Refration’s shield is now visible for everyone, not just allies.
  • Exorcism Ghosts are now more ghosty.

Have fun playing, find more RGC Maps here. 😉

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