FOA S2 Return Last Fix

Welcome anime players! <3 Here is the Fight of Anime (FOA) Map Download page!

FOA S2 Return Last Fix:

What is FOA?
Fight of Anime (FOA) is a great Warcraft 3 funmap. The playstyle is the moba style (multiplayer online battle arena) like Dota or League of Legends. There are 3 lanes and two teams that fight against each other – just with cool anime heroes!!!

The anime hero models in FOA S2 Return are made so beautiful and the spells have extreme special effects!!! x3

Look at the GIF that I made! 😀

Map Name:FOA S2 Return Last Fix
Filename:FOA S2 Return Last Fix1.w3x
Release Date:31.01.2018
Map Size:7.9 MB

Fight of Anime S2 Map Download:

Fight of Anime Season 2 Return Last Fix Map Download

As you can see the full name of the map is FOA S2 Return Last Fix. This comes along with really bad news, because this is the last update for Fight of Anime.
What we get is 3 completely new heroes and nice balancing fixes!
I really love this version (recommended!)

Thanks to all of the creators of the last years, like Oliverskys, _Lucifer and many more. Fight of Anime is complete now – let’s have fun playing! 😀

Here is the Fight of Anime (FOA) S2 Return Map Download:

Fight of Anime Map Animation:

I played the anime hero Kuroyukihime and made a cool preview for you: bling
FOA S2 Return Animation

FOA S2 Return Last Fix Changelog:

These are the new updates in the Version Fight of Anime Season 2 Return (Last Fix):

FOA S2 Hero changes:

  • New Hero: Shiki Nanaya
  • New Hero: Shiki Tohno
  • New Hero: Kuroyukihime
  • Hero deleted: Sistine Fibel

FOA S2 Return Last Fix Screenshot

Abilities & other changes:

KuroyukihimeSkill W fixed
Nanaya ShikiFixed Damage
Tohno ShikiFixed Damage
Kurogane ikkiSkill Q fixed

FOA S2 Warcraft 3 Map Installation:

To play Fight of Anime download the map and copy it into your correct Warcraft 3 folder:
FOA S2 Return Last Fix Map

Screenshots of Fight of Anime Season 2 Return Last Fix:

At first you can select one of the cool anime heroes:
Hero Selection FOA S2

FOA S2 WC3 Loading Screen

FOA S2 Last Fix Warcraft 3 Screenshot

FOA S2 Return Last Fix Special Effects

Anime Hero Fight

How do you like the map? ^^)

Find more Warcraft 3 anime maps here. xcool

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World Of Anime Return
World Of Anime Return

Thanks so much For Your Review Abous us map..
We so glad about your opinion about our maps.
Thank you so much 🙂
– Rem_

Warcraft 3 anime fan
Warcraft 3 anime fan


Warcraft 3 anime fan
Warcraft 3 anime fan

Wow,this anime girl is quite fancy.


what song did you use in this map?

Warcraft 3 anime fan
Warcraft 3 anime fan



Is there AI for this one?

Warcraft 3 anime fan
Warcraft 3 anime fan



Anyone knows where to play for Asia server? Have issues with


link :v


kangen 🙁 ;(


Do you know the name of the opening?.


can u play with AI


cool map x33