Dota Imba Legends

Here you can get the Dota Imba Legends Map Download. The Map is a Dota modification, where all players can pick 3 skills and 2 ultimate skills at the start!

DotA Version:Dota Imba Legends
Filename:DotA Imba Legends v2.5 upd. 9.w3x
Release Date:2016
Map Size:6.0 MB

Download Dota Imba Legends

The Warcraft 3 Map Dota Imba Legends is the forerunner of the newer Legends of Dota series. It is a combination of Dota Imba and Dota LoD = Dota Imba Legends.

At the start you can build your hero and choose 3 spells and 2 ultimates to create your personal Dota hero. This Map is better than the OMG Map and balanced better! 😉
Game modes: -ap, -sd, -sd/ak, -fe, -fn.

Dota Imba Legends Map Download: Download

Dota Imba Legends Changelog:

Dota Imba Legends ChangelogDota Imba Legends MapHere is the Dota Imba Legends Changelog:

  • Now 10 players are possible.
  • Landscape taken from Dota 6.83c.
  • Some spells have been fixed.
  • Courier – can carry and use the gem.
  • 100% lifesteal with ultimates wolf works for all characters.
  • Each hero skills different from those of normal (enhanced, altered mechanics).
  • To win you need to destroy the enemy’s main building.

Dota Imba Legends Screenshot:

Here is a Screenshot of Dota Imba Legends:
Wallpaper Dota Imba Legends

Have fun playing! 😀

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lol xo


I agree next update please make Ai Extreme mode !. BTW this is one of Greatest Warcraft III Ai map that ever created. Thanks for these release !


there was this em mode where the ai’s are really dumb…. please make the ai really hard or make choices weather normal hard or extremely hard… no thrill playing the map because ai are really easy… thanks guys… keep up…


Why I can’t play this map on is Warcraft version 129.2.9208 public test ?