Dota 6.78 Download

Here is the Dota 6.78 Download:
Dota is getting more and more famous and so many players love to play Defense of the Ancients. Icefrog is working hard on new changes and balancing! But what is the biggest thing for every dota player? New heroes! xo xo 😀

In Dota 6.78 Icefrog released 2 new Dota heroes!

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DotA Version:Dota 6.78
Filename:DotA v6.78.w3x
Release Date:30.05.2013
Map Size:7.9 MB

Download Dota 6.78

Dota 6.78 MapIn the Dota Map 6.78 many changes have been made: Items have been balanced, game mechanics are improved and many heroes got balanced. Like this the gameplay experience is much higher and Icefrog is very talented in balancing and changing the Dota Maps.

Dota 6.78 contains two completely new hero and Dota Allstars now counts 112 unique heroes to choose!
Here is the Dota 6.78 Download:

DotA 6.78 Changelog

Dota Hero Earth SpiritDota Hero OracleDota 6.78 inludes 2 new heroes: Oracle an intelligence hero and Kaolin, Earth Spirit a strength hero!
Oracle got the Warcraft 3 priest model, Kaolin got the earth panda model! Moreover there have been many item, mechanic and hero balancing changes and also bug fixes!

DotA 6.78 Loading Screen:

This is the Dota 6.78 Loading Screen:
Dota 6.78 Loading Screen

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