Dota 6.88v9 RGC Download

Hey Dota players, here is the Dota 6.88v9 RGC Download Page. 8)

How is your day guys, I had an Ultra-Kill today! 😀 What I love about Dota 1? One the best things are definitely the impressive kill sounds. x3 xD
Well, what is new in Dota 6.88v9 RGC?
The Warcraft 3 map developer DracoL1ch is creating a lot of stuff at the moment, and RGC is getting great map improvements!

In Dota 6.88v9 RGC the big changes are the item and hero balancing and the bug fixing issues for a fluent Dota gameplay. Read on…

DotA Version:Dota 6.88v9 RGC (Beta)
Filename:DotA Allstars 6.88v9.w3x
Release Date:31.03.2018
Map Size:20MB

Download Dota 6.88v9 RGC here:

Map Thumbnail Dota 6.88v9Always check which RGC map is played in your RGC channel. It depends sometimes on the channel and your country.

You can find all Dota RGC maps here. bizeps

Let’s play some great games now – enjoy the new Dota features and map improvements! 8)

Below is an extensive Changelog for Dota 6.88v9 RGC.

Here is the Dota 6.88v9 RGC Download:

DotA RGC 6.88v9 Changelog

The full Dota 6.88v9 RGC Changelog:

  • The Dota -mute function with chat aliases no longer affects yourself.
  • The tower collision size has been changed.
  • The chicken/animal courier is no longer auto-selected on game start.
  • The possible Refresher-Orb abuse has been fixed.
  • Fixed Sprout doesn’t remove Linken’s Sphere.
  • Fixed visual hero highlightning issues.
  • Fixed a bug with the item Armlet, when it is sticky.
  • Invokers invoked spells description now specify the spell data.
  • Fixed missing primary damage from Hellfire Blast.
  • Fixed dummy unit appearing in the middle of the map when the Dota spell Warpath was learned.
  • Fixed Winters Curse not blocking the damage abuse.
  • Templar Assassins Trap blast icon moved to right to prevent overriding charges indicator.
  • Fixed Meld attacks doesn’t trigger Psi Blade sometimes.
  • Illusion from Spirit Lance now adds to SelectAllUnits groups.
  • Fixed abuse with the spell Meld.
  • Selecting all units now prefers main Meepo instead of his clones being selected as first.

DotA 6.88v9 RGC Screenshots

Here is how you have to download and install the Dota Map 6.88v9 RGC:

Dota Map Path Screenshot

Another Dota 6.88v9 Loading Image Screenshot:
Wallpaper Dota 6.88v9 RGC

Yoyoyoyo time to play Dota my friends! 😀 😀 😀

Have fun, get some Ultra-Kills!!! 😉

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janiel carl subito
janiel carl subito
4 years ago

how to copy and paste the file in warcraft III

Razz tmz
Razz tmz
5 years ago

We need wukung pls .i n game map

6 years ago

thanks x3 sun