Pokemon Defense Final

Pokemon Defense Final is a great Warcraft 3 Tower Defense Map where you fight against your opponents with Pokemons!

Pokemon Defense Final Warcraft 3 Fun Map Download

The Map is playable up to 10 players and you can pick many different Pokemon that get stronger and stronger.
Train your Pokemons and defeat your opponents! Like in the real Pokemon games, there are elements and some Pokemon are stronger or weaker vs other! 🙂

Pokemon Defense Final is a really fun version, test it out. 🙂

Downloads: 17,084 Download-Size: 30.0 MB

Below you can find tips how to win Pokemon Defense Final =)

Pokemon Defense Final tips

  • Do not rush to pick a Pokemon, always wait what your opponent is picking! After that you can see what these pokemon are weak against and pick it.
  • Don’t focus on one type of Pokemon like figher or nature. Get many different types or your opponent will pick counterpick and you lose.
  • If you opponent is massing many weak pokemons, you can get a charizard for his aura, or a Geodude Golem, because when he dies he makes 7000 DMG.
  • Powerful Pokemons are Sharp beak, Bargon, Shieldon, Geodude (evolve as Golem) and Ampharos. But there are more strong ones.

Have Fun playing this Tower Defense! =)

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