Dota 6.68c Download

Hey Dota fans, here is the Dota 6.68c download page.

For new Dota maps, find the Dota map download page.

Icefrog realesed the Dota Allstars version 6.68c as a patch with some fixes.

There have been errors with Io (Guardian Wisp).
All known bugs have been eliminated and brought to you as a stable version.

Show some Dota love! 😀

DotA Version:DotA 6.68c
Filename:DotA v6.68c.w3x
Release Date:03.08.2010
Map Size:21.6 MB

Download Dota Map 6.68c

Dota Map 6.68c Preview
Dota lovers know this map, it is great, play one of 101 epic Dota heroes and own your enemies. The new heroes have a high impact to the game, test them out!

Here is the Dota 6.68c Download:

DotA 6.68c Map Changes

Dota Allstars 6.68c Screenshot
Here is the Dota Allstars 6.68c Changelog, not much has been updated just a few bugs were fixed! 😉

  • Some hero and game bugs were fixed.
  • Polishing and slight improvements.

DotA 6.68c Screenshots

This is the Dota 6.68c game loading screen when you start the game:
Dota 6.68c Loading Screen Artwork
Here is the great Dota 6.68c Wallpaper by Kunkka:

Good luck and have fun playing my Dota friends! 🙂

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